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    how to improve swing of a fully differential op amp

    how to improve on an op amp i have designed a fully differential op amp. Op amp is designed with telescopic gain boosting topology. It is designed for 1.8V single supply in 0.18um technology. which is having ICMR of 0.48V (0.65V-1.13V), and UGB of 1.06GHz, DC gain of 116dB, PM of 61degrees...
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    how to simulate slew rate of a fully differential op amp

    measuring slew rate fully differential opamp I have designed a fully differential op amp. I do not know exactly how to measure the slew rate for a fully differential op amp. Generally for a single ended op amp we connect the op amp in non inverting(feed back) mode and measure the slew rate. How...
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    schematic driven layout for my design..

    many to one mapping in schematic driven layout i have designed an op amp.. now i wanted to draw layout for the op amp. since there are many transistors present in my design i want to go for SDL(schematic driven layout). i m using mentor graphics ic station for layout design. i am able to place...
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    How to copy a schematic from ELDO(mentor graphics)to CADENCE

    eldo mentor Hello guys... I designed my circuit in Mentor graphics. Now i want to draw layout of my circuit. I can use mentor graphics otself to draw layout, but i dont have permission for that. I have licence for cadence to draw layout. Does any one knows...
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    Noise in fully differential op amp

    auto zeroing to reduce flicker noise I have designed a fully differential op amp in gain-boosting topology with 0.18µm technology, and i used ELDO simulator. I got input referred noise of 60nV/√Hz at 1KHz frequency, and 3nV/√Hz at higher frequencies. So can any one suggest how to...
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    CM range for a fully differential op amp

    I have designed a Fully differential op amp with gain boosting topology in 0.18um technology in ELDO environment. It is designed in such a way that its I/P CM voltage is of 0.65V. If the input offset voltage is other than this, the operation of other transistors is changing from saturation...

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