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    Fixed point operations in C

    I want to emulate an algorithm in C before actually writing to hardware. This algorithm invovles lot of multiplications and additions of real numbers. Hence, I want to use fixed point operations(to represent real numbers) in C to emulate the algorithm. Can someone please tell me or give me...
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    Conersion of Real number to integer number in VHDL

    vhdl real to integer I want to convert real numbers to integer numbers in VHDL. The real numbers that I am using are between -1 and +1. For example I would like to convert the number -0.67857 to a 18 bit signed representation. Can someone please help me otu with this.
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    How to use XILINX EDK with XPS and Xilinx ISE?

    Hi all, I would have to use XILINX EDK kit. have fully installed the XILINX Platform studio(XPS) and would like to use it with XILINX Virtex 4 board form AVNET. Please suggest me to get more information on how to use the board with the XPS and XILINX ISE installed. Also, would...
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    Fixed point to Integer conversion in VHDL?

    vhdl sfixed conversions Hi all, I have to write a program that involves lot of multiplication with numbers from the range -1 to +1. I think, I would have to convert these fixed point numbers to integers and then multiply and then convert back the result to its deimal value. If I have...
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    VHDL function to convert an vector datatype to integer

    Is there a function to convert an vector datatype to integer and vice versa.
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    Genetic Algorithm on XILINX

    I want to implement a genetic algorithm on an FPGA. I have a very basic idea of the architecture of the hardware implementation. I would appreciate if someone has some idea or has a source code of the algorithm, which can help me progress on my research. Implementation can either Verilog or...

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