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    need information about ICs

    Hello, I just checked. Linear Tech have a similar part number LTC1411. But that is a kind of ADC. Also that IC is of more that 32 pins. But my required IC is of 10-pins. :( Please look further, if possible
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    need information about ICs

    I am not having the exact information. Only info that I have is: IC D 151821-0571 ---This was used in one electronic controller module. 5P373 1411D --- This is used in the power section of a photoframe player. This seems some kind of power convertor. I tried to search for the datasheet of...
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    need information about ICs

    Hi All, I got 2 defective SMD ICs having numbering as below: 1. D 151821-0571 (this is 24 pin IC made in SO package) 2. 5P373 1411D (this is 10-pin IC used in power section of the board. ) I need the datasheet of these ICs and purchasing info (preferably in India) Please help thanx
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    Exist one Driver like the ULN2003 with 8 outputs?

    Hi, there is i think with the part no. ULN2803. Checkout the datasheet. this would help you bye
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    unlocking the lock bits of MCU

    Dear All, I have the Atmel's 89C51 MCU programmed with the lock bits enabled. I need the hex file of the chip urgently. Is there option avlbl for get the hex file out other than opening of the chip. Pl help me urgently thanks.
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    How to use USB to test the MCU code ?

    Hi Friends, I am regular reader of this site. I had a query. We use hyper terminal for testing of USART of the microcontroller. What to do if USB feature is available in the microcontroller and I have to test the MCU code with the PC? How do I proceed? Can anyone suggest?
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    What program is used for testing USB modules?

    We use hyper-terminal programs for simulating and testing RS32 modules. Which program is to be used for testing USB modules.
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    how to configure cdma module

    We do configure a GSM module using AT command set. can anybody explain how to configure a cdma module?
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    need help on fat12 and fat16 file formts

    Can anybody suggest me URL/books related to the implementation of file formats FAT12 & FAT16 in my firmware?

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