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    Opinions on using code|lab for Altera NIOS

    code|lab for Altera NIOS Does anyone use code|lab Software (Accelerated Technology) for Altera NIOS? Comment it, please.
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    Using external PCI-to-ISA bridge in subtractive decode mode

    Does anyone have experience of using a external PCI-to-ISA bridge (PC87200, IT8888F etc.) in subtractive decode mode? In my design this bridge is mounted on the separate board which is connected to the PCI slot. Can I get normal behavior of the external bridge using only PCI bus signals...
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    Developing a graphic video controllers

    Hi. Does anyone have any experience developing a graphic video controllers for System-on-Chip? How does a trivial graphics controller work? What does it have the architecture? Any suggestions (books or links). Thanks.
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    Connector for SD socket - advice needed

    Connector for SD socket Can anyone recommend me a connector (male, for cable) for connecting to the socket for the SD(MMC) card?
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    ByteBlaster II - schematics needed

    ByteBlaster II Does anyone have schematics for the ByteBlaster II download cable? Can I convert the ByteBlasterMV into the ByteBlaster II.
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    Comments on NIOS-core (Altera)

    NIOS-core Does anyone use NIOS-core (Altera)? Your comment, please?

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