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    [PIC] extraction of digits in pic assembly

    Hi all I am doing a project and i have a value stored in the memory location. I need to extract the hundred, tenth and unit digit so that i can display them on three seven segment display individually.... usually we do this ( here i am taking the value to be 250 for example) 250%10= 0(unit...
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    writing in EEPROM in PIC16f887

    hi.... i am writing a program using pic16f887 and i am trying to save some data by writing in EEPROM. i have written the EEPROM write program as a macro and assigned values to the address and data in the main program. i need to store data in three memory locations. (assembly language) this is...
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    double boost stabilizer for AC

    hi.... can anyone tell me what a double boost stabilizer is and why is it required for an Air conditioner???
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    EEPROM in pic16f887 and using macros

    HI can i define the program writing in EEPROM as a Macro and use it in my main program?? if so can u tell me the steps to do so?? I am using MPLAB IDE, PIC16f887 processor.
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    accessing memory location in PIC16f887

    Hi i am writing a code for pic 16f887 in assembly language which has to count how many times the porta0 is switched on and set the respective port to indicate it loop: first time a0=1 => b0=1 second time a0=1 => b1=1 third time a0=1 => b2=1 fourth time a0=1 => goto loop when a0=0 portb= ffh...
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    push button with pic16f887

    hi i am using a push button connect to the pic16f887. this is my code in assembly language i have intialised portd0 as input port and portb as output port. BANKSEL PORTD BTFSS PORTD,0 GOTO LEDSEL ;;; delay????;;; BTFSC PORTD,0 GOTO LEDSEL GOTO DEC1 LEDSEL ... DEC1 .... so when i press...
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    C and assembly language in PIC

    Hi can we write a code in C and use it as subroutine for a main program that is in assembly language?? if, yes can u suggest some example programs or websites which can help me... Thanks
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    Interfacing 74HC164 with PIC

    Hi. I am working on a project in which I have to make a 7 segment display to work controlled by PIC16f887. i am writing the code in Assembly language. the pic would generate serial data which is given to 74hc164n (8 bit serial in parralel out shift register). the output from 74hc164n is given...

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