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    start-up aspect of colpitts oscillator simulation

    colpitts oscillator simulation in ads Dear All, I'm simulating with a conventional Colpitts oscillator in Cadence. As the SpectreRF User Guide suggests, to initialize the oscillation, it should require some initial conditions on L or C, or some brief impulsive stimulus into oscillatory node...
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    Monte Carlo IP2 simulation with Cadence QPSS+QPAC

    qpss plot Hi, I have a question related to Monte Carlo simulation for a mixer IP2 in Cadence using QPSS+QPAC. For a single point simulation, I can have the IIP2/OIP2 result from "Direct Plot -> qpac -> IPN Curves" after setting a few parameters. I don't know how to set up the corresponding...
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    Inductor Monte Carlo Simulation in Cadence-Spectre

    Dear All, I'm currently doing an inductor Monte Carlo simulation in Cadence-Spectre (Cadence version: 5.10.41_USR5.90.69; Spectre version: My objective is to see how the inductance and Q-factor (differential-driven) changes over process variations. I set up a few expressions to...
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    single nmos lvs - four "missing port " errors

    single nmos lvs Dear All, I'm currently working on a single transistor layout. The transistor has four pins in the schematic (namely, gate, source, drain and bulk). In the layout, I define four pins accordingly, using 'pin' layer for both pins and labels. But after LVS, none of the pins are...

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