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    audio amplifier with 2SK1058 and 2SJ162

    2sk1058 Hello, I'm looking for some schematics for an Audio-amplifier with mosfets 2SJ162 and 2SK1058. e.g. https://sound.westhost.com/project101.htm Goof
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    Using thermopile sensor with uC ?

    You can use an AD595 from analog, just place an ADC after it. It's in the factory laser-trimmed and the output is nearly lineair, so you don't have to calculate too much. I did it a few years ago, it works fine. Regards, Goof
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    Help needed CAN-bus on a 8051

    8051 can bus Hi friends, I try to make a little network with canbus, 1 master 1 slave. This because I want to figure out what is possible with CAN. I want to buiold it with an 89s8252 and an external CAN-controller (82527). It will be programmed in the best C51 compiler. Maybe there is...
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    PCI hot swap interface needed

    PCI hot swap interface LS, I need a card so I can hot-swap an PCI-card in the PC. Hope someone can give me advice. Kindest regards, Goof
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    HardDrive with FAT32 connecting to a 8051 in keil

    8051 fat32 Hello, is there someone who has a project in KEIL connecting a HARDDRIVE to an 8051. I'm not a pro and to programm on my own is an too hard job. Hope someone can help me. Send it to goofers at lycos dot nl. Thanx

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