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    Running CORTEX-M0 using 8bit SRAMs

    Hi all, Is it possible to run CORTEX-M0 (which has a 32bit data bus) using an 8bit SRAM ? If possible, the method would be the following, right? Method: a memory controller has to be used(built) that operates as a AHB-Lite slave. Furthermore it has to use wait states to read 4 bytes to built a...
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    Accessing IOs and other peripherals when running WinCE on ATMEL ARM9

    Hi, I've got a few questions about using WinCE on an ATMEL ARM9 microcontroller: Is it possible to access the IOs (and/or their interrupts) when running WinCE on a ARM9 Microcontroller (ATMEL) ? Do I need to write device drivers for WinCE to access the IOs? How about other peripherals such as...
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    Accessing IOs and Interrupts on ARM9 and WinCE

    Hi, I've got a few questions about using WinCE on an ATMEL ARM9 microcontroller: Is it possible to access the IOs (and/or their interrupts) when running WinCE on a ARM9 Microcontroller (ATMEL) ? Do I need to write device drivers for WinCE to access the IOs? How about other peripherals such as...
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    [SOLVED] Is it possible to layout a BGA484 on a one layer PCB?

    Hi, Is it possible to layout and assemble a BGA-484 IC on a one-layer PCB (only two signal layers and no image planes)? If possible, is it a good idea? Thanks very much
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    Making a big multiplier from two smaller ones

    Hi, I'm supposed to design a 24*12 signed two's complement multiplier. Furthermore I am supposed to do it using ONLY two 12*12 multipliers (both are signed two's complement multipliers.) The problem is that the multiplication operation is signed. In a rather simple approach I -determined the...
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    Adding APB bus in Libero IDE

    Hello everybody, My question concerns Libero IDE 9.1 : Is it possible to add an APB (or AHB) bus interface to a user defined HDL module which is recognizable by the 'Auto Connect' command in canvas? I've seen an Application Note regarding this issue but the device used in there was a Fusion...
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    FPGA Low Power Design : Clock Gating or Asynchronous Reset

    Hi everybody, I'm involved with designing a low power system that has an embedded processor. The processor is not active all the time hence clock gating might be a proper solution to reduce power consumption. My problem is that the embedded microprocessor does not provide any type 'enable'...
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    Low-power clock generation

    Hi everybody, Is there any IC (or something) that generates ultra low-power clock signal (less than 10MHz) ? I mean it consumes very little power and generates a clock signal. Are crystal based clock generators considered low-power? Thank you
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    Guidelines for dividing duties between softcore and fpga

    Hi, I'm supposed to design an embedded system on a FPGA which can incorporate Cortex M1 soft core. I have no previous experience of using softcores. Can anyone give me any guidelines about designing the system like some rules or good practices (something to get insight) ? Thank you in advance
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    HDL Generic Synthesizer

    Hi, which tool gives a generic (not specific to any library or technology or ...) synthesis in Verilog or VHDL format ? thanks a lot in advance
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    Coprocessor Design Help

    Hi, I'm supposed to design a coprocessor for cryptographic computations using a HDL language. I have no problem with cryptography part or the HDL. What I don't know is the design of the coprocessor. I don't know anything about processors or coprocessors. Where can I find materials about...
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    Unwanted transposition in verlog

    Hi, I'm trying to access the bits in a shift register using a two dimensional wire in verilog but when I read the value of each member (of the two dimensional wire) the value (which is an 8-bit vector) is transposed. Does this have anything to do with the nested generate loops ? As you can see...
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    Transmitting voice over RS232

    Hi, I want to transmit voice over RS232 and replay it in real-time using one of the Mega AVRs. The problem is the interval between samples. Since I'm using a computer on one side ,can I rely on the pauses(between transmissions) that I make in the computer program ? Is it more efficient to use...
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    Implementing many instances of one block

    Hi, I have a simple block of combinational logic (in VHDL) but I need 16 of it. How can I do it without writing a lot of code ? Thank you in advance
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    VHDL Synthesis, ISE errors and mostly warnings

    hi, I am a newbie in VHDL programming.I have read a few books about VHDL but when I write a code in ISE ,usually I get errors and mostly warnings (which I don't know what to do). I think I know the syntax of VHDL but I don't know whats going on in FPGAs . would you please tell me how to know...
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    Can anyone tell me what this is ?

    Hi, Today I was at the library and found this (the picture is included). I think this is used as the security system (anti shoplifting) ,It looks like an inductor ? Can anyone please tell me what it is ? Thank you very much.
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    Long Range Video Trasnmission Module

    Hi, I am looking for a Video Transmission Module having a range longer than 200 meters. It's supposed to be mounted on an unmanned aircraft. What do you propose ? thank you in advance.
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    Remote Control Decoder and Recorder

    Hi, I want to build a remote control decoder (like the commercial ones that LEARN from one specific remote control). I have searched the internet and found various protocols that different companies use. I was wondering how can I build something that can read ALL different protocols (I don't...
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    Wave Solutions in Waveguides

    Hi, please help me understand: Why do we start analyzing the waveguides by considering that the wave solutions are dependent on z (the longitudinal axis ) in an exponential way ? thank you a lot
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    Calculating the trasmitted power

    Hi,there are many simple FM transmitters over the internet like https://www.aaroncake.net/circuits/fmtrans.asp https://english.cxem.net/radiomic/bug7.php ... how can I compute the transmitted power (like when they say it's a 2W transmitter)? Thank you in advance.

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