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    to know about directivity

    Hi friends, I complected the antenna design. i don't know how to calculate directivity. I use HFSS for simulation.plz help me to find directivity. Thanks in advance.
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    rectangular patch antenna design

    I designed an rectangular patch antenna. the results are not same as the base paper. please help to find the error. MAP.rar is the original file and p2.rar is designed by me.
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    [SOLVED] help to find the error in rectangular patch antenna using hfss

    While simulating the rectangular patch antenna following error will occur. Port refinement, process hf3d error: Failure in solving the ports.please help to solve this problem.
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    how to assign boundaries and exitation while designing antenna in hfss ?

    please any one help to assign the boundary and exitation of an uwb antenna using hfss. I attached the structure of the antenna.
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    pls help to design an uwb antenna using Hfss

    I am new to hfss. I want to do my final year project in uwb antenna design using hfss 11.please help me to design an antenna.I attached my base paper.

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