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    Effects of CMFB in FD amplifiers

    Hi, I would like to know what is the main effects of CMFB on fully differential amplifiers besides the control of CM level. What is the specifications of the amplifier that the CMFB affects. Example: I know that to reach the maximum output swing, the CM level must be well defined. And the other...
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    ADC0804 3 digit Voltmeter

    Hi, I want to design a simple voltimer with 3 digit using an ADC0804 (8-bit) without a microcontroller. I would like to know how i can display the corresponding value using 3 7segment diplays. What CI's can i use to show these values? Example: IN DISPLAY 00000000 = 0.01 00000001 =...
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    How to measure by simulation noise of a Op Amp

    Hi, I would like to know how i can measure/simulate the noise(1/f) of a Op Amp. And if anyone know how i do this on HSPICE. Thanks.
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    Characterization of Fully-Differential OpAmp

    Hi, I saw many threads talking about this subject, but any of them have a clearly explanation. The books of analog design that i have only specifies the measurement of a single-end OpAmp. The works that i read about this subject presents only graphs. With this, i would like to know if anyone...
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    PSRR of Two stage OTA-Miller

    Hi, I'm designing a two-stage OTA-Miller, and now i'm simulating the specifications. My question is about the PSRR. I would like to know what is the relationship between the PSRR+ and PSRR- and what is the effect of this two in the circuit. Because in my simulation i'm having PSRR+ = 97 dB and...
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    Output Resistance simulation and Load Resistance of Op Amp

    Hi, I would like to know how i calculate and simulate both output and resistance load of an op amp. If anyone have some examples of spice/hspice netlist i would be thankful. Thanks !
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    ISP1362 - Read Chip ID Address

    Hi everyone, I'm new at fpga design and i need some help with the ISP1362 controller. I need help to access the buffer of the ISP1362 controller from DE2 board, and print the Chip ID information in the LCD of the board. Thanks

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