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    problem with analog filter

    the source impedance at Vi ideal = zero
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    problem with analog filter

    I need to solve the two requirements below: a) I must calculate Vo b) R1 to find so behave inductive circuit.
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    Isolated Thermocouple Amplifier

    Thermocouple operational amplifier What is the expression for Vo???
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    Isolated Thermocouple Amplifier

    I do that,but i need to calculate function transfer.
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    Isolated Thermocouple Amplifier

    What is the value of output voltage Vout??? An idea how can I start?
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    FTJ with programmable analog digital converter

    I need some guidance on solving the problem of figure.I nedd to calculate Vo.
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    neural network in fpga

    I must implement in vhdl a neural network capable of recognizing these characters: left arrow, right arrow, up arrow and down arrow. I need to use as a template matrix 7 * 5. I also to be and code in Matlab for it.

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