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    About reading multiple SDF for the same instance/module

    Hi! I received multiple SDF files for the same module. The sdf files are for -functional mode -shift mode during dft -capture mode during dft -mbist and bsd Each of those sdf above contains min,typ,max, as usual. My question, during simulation, -do I read all those sdf, or i just need to read...
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    DFT : Is synchronizer excluded from scan chain

    When you do scan insertion by replacing normal ff into scannable ff, do you exclude the synchronizer (to avoid disturbing the timing)? Thanks.
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    formality : why the need for rtl vs netlist verification

    Hi all.. Currently I'm doing verification for rtl versus netlist. The netlist haven't been modified. It comes right after being sythesized by Synopsys Design Compiler. The main question in my mind is, why I need to verify the netlist. Is it means that the tools cannot be trusted? In other...
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    How to insert spare cells ?

    insert_spare_cells I have two questions regarding above. 1) Can I insert spare cells using Synopsys design compiler? 2) What are things that need to be considered if I want to do compilation for design that have spare cells. What I mean is do I have to do set dont touch for the...
  5. Z

    How to remove assign statement in netlist

    synopsys netlist + solvnet How do I remove assign statement in a synthesized netlist? I read somewhere on the net, this assign statement exists because 1) Input connected directly to output port 2) There is tristate cell I'm more concern on how to solve the (1) because in my design, there...
  6. Z

    How does CRC 40 (Fire Code) work ?

    crc40 Hi all. I have a problem to understand how CRC 40 (Fire Code) works. So if there anybody who know the article or book that explain bout it. Hope u all can help me. Thank you.
  7. Z

    What is gated-clock technology

    Can anyone care to explain to me in detail .. what is gated-clock technology.. Thank you very much for any response.
  8. Z

    Need advise on designing microstrip antenna 315MHz

    tx/rx antenna 315 mhz Hi... I need advices from everybody on how to design a microstrip antenna (on pcb) for 315mhz. For Tx, it's a loop antenna, and rx, it's a monopople PCB trace antenna. Also, one more thing, I just need to do transmission for a short distance only about 3 or 4 meters...

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