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    Best one for Antennas..

    How about Antenna Theory by Balanis?
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    Ultra wide band antenna design

    hi magret, other than the frequency bandwidth required, are there any requirement on size? weight? Omni or Uni direction radiation? application? To consider which type of UWB antenna to use, the above few requirements are also important.
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    Quasi-Yagi Antenna Array in HFSS

    But by using the antenna array setup, u will not correctly capture the effects of mutual coupling between the elements. Meaning, your matching between single element and array may be different. To properly capture it, you have to draw the model of the array and simulate. You may observed that...
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    Printed Wideband Balun

    This is a tough one. 10:1 bandwidth is not impossible. but the problem is the low frequency of 50MHz. At such low frequency, you wont want to use planar structure as the size will be very very big. Yet when using lump elements don't allow you to reach the higher frequency portion.
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    The HFSS simulation has the mistake?

    hi binhtcao, u can contact ansoft sales office at https://www.ansoft.com/find_a_rep_popup.cfm. if you are from educational institutes, you can get a big discount on the license. Cheers
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    How to define a wave-port on a slotline structure in HFSS?

    edaboard slotline hfss hihi, do you face any problem with waveport for slotline , especially error message that the waveport has cutoff frequencies. ???
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    Why many projects are still using numerical methods like FDTD or MoM?

    difference of mom and fdtd Hi, thanks for your review on the EM simulators. By the way, do you know of any simulators that support multicore simulation by default without any add on license or upgrade? thanks.
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    Help on simulating a ms2s transition with HFSS

    hi, anyone tried simulating a microstrip to slotline transition when port 1 at microstrip 50ohm and port 2 at slotline? I keep on having problem with the port impedance and the port size. When i follow the 4h x 7g port size , there is always a cutoff which the port size cant support. I am...
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    HFSS and windows vista

    ansoft hfss vista if i am not wrong, HFSS 11 does support Vista.
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    PCB Antenna Simulation

    pcb antenna simulator That will have to depend on how your model your antenna in both simulator. its important to model as close as possible as the design that you are going to build to get the most accurate result.
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    What does terminate a signal pin with 50 ohm mean?

    Re: 50 ohm termination hi EE-2002, most RF circuits are designed to match at 50 ohm. So when you terminate a signal line with 50 ohm load, you are making the end of the signal line matched. Thus when there is a signal reaching the end of the line, it will get absorbed and not reflected back to...
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    high gain WLAN antenna??

    hi winglj, all commercial high gain antenna are achieve through lengthening the dipole antennas. you would have noticed that they are much longer than the ones you get preinstalled in your router. But there is a drawback with these high gain dipole. if you need coverage of 2 floor, the upper...
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    what's the best software to simulate antenna efficiency?

    hi electro, that has to depend on what type of antenna you are simulating. HFSS is a full wave simulator using FEM, this should give you a much accurate result. But that has to depend on how you model you antenna in the simulator. But then, with any simulator, you can only get a rough idea of...
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    How to feed the structure of spiral antenna in HFSS

    Spiral antenna hi ayy2023, to simulate a spiral antenna from 2~18GHz, you need a workstation which is running in 64bit and at least 16GB ram to simulate the spiral antenna. If you can't simulate, most probably you will need to build one.
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    Spiral antenna simulation in HFSS

    simulation + hfss + antenna Hi all, by the way, is your spiral a planar design or its a volume? If its planar, you can do by drawing the spiral in autocad then import then dwg or dxf file to simulate. I have only tried simulating planar spiral, it takes hell lot of time and resources. So beware
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    UWB printed antenna doubts

    Hi, i won't suggest using FR4 for UWB printed antenna. You get higher loss at higher frequency range, which is undesirable. You can try other better substrates. The dielectric constant for FR4 is also not very consistent throughout the substrate. Hope this helps. Regards
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    FSS design using HFSS ver.10

    how to design fss with hfss hihi, how do you set a plane wave in HFSS10 or Designer? I have problem in defining it, coz i wanted to plot the RCS. Anyone has tutorial on RCS on HFSS? thanks
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    Links to various HFSS tutorials

    HFSS TUTORIALS hi, i am looking for tutorial on how to do a RCS simulation of an antenna. anyone know or come across any tutorial? tks
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    integration line in HFSS

    for microstrip, its best to define ur integration line. From top trace to the ground. If integration line is not defined, the simulated result is not accurate.

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