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    [moved] How to calculate number of adress bits in memory

    Hi all Can anyone help me caculate how many address bits I need to design 32M flash memory if I know it has 1024 wordline and 32 IOs. Thanks
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    cadence ocean script of nmos

    Hi all Im a newbee to cadence ocean script. I have a basic question about probing command in ocean script. Assume I have a nmos define as: NM0 (net3 net3 0 0) n18 w=2u l=0.2u How to probe waveform of gm and Id of mos? How to probe gm/id of this trasistor? Thanks a lot
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    [moved] Cadence - Bandgap monte carlo simulation

    Hi all Could anyone show me how to run bandgap process mismatch simualtion in cadence ADE XL? I am newbee to this cadence please show me step by step. I did the step below but it show the error (WIA-1135) the waveform state file could not be loaded. This is my step: 1/ From schematic open ADE...
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    [moved] How to run monte carlo from command line

    Hi all Could any one show me how to run monte carlo from command line.? I do not have ADE XL simulator. Thanks
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    Do bandgap design need high gain opamp?

    Hi all I have a question about bandgap design. Do I need high gain opamp for bandgap? Thanks
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    [SOLVED] Mismatch of resistor, mos, threshold, capacitor in analog design

    Hi all What is the name of Avt parameter in calculate mos threshold mismatch and how to find it in spice process model? Thanks
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    How to fix a bandgap has a wide output at cold temp

    Hi Anyone here know how to fix a bandgap (voltage reference) has wide variation at cold temp? Thanks Lee

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