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    Closed: SMP Affinity Changing?

    I'm working with the SMP affinity on an i.MX8 system (on a SolidRun HummingBoard Plus) and there are a couple of things that confuse me, but mostly that one of the affinities keeps changing.

  2. Closed: Re: Learning Materials to Familiarize in Embedded System Environment

    I can recommend the O'Reilly book "Making Embedded Systems" by Elecia White as a general resource for embedded programming.

    For a book that focuses more on specific hardware, see the Embedded...
  3. Closed: Re: How to fix Too many open files or Segmentation Fault.

    This indicates that the system you're trying to run on is very different (different version of the C library) from the one you're trying to run it on. Make sure that whatever software you've...
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    Closed: Safety Critical/Certified Linux?

    Does anyone know of any Linux distros that are certified to safety standards like ISO 26262 or DO-178B/C?

    I've been tasked to research this area in general but I'm not coming up with much, any...
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