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  1. Closed: Re: HAM radio topic: EM based design of a 432 MHz high pass with 144 MHz rejection

    I tried to place another notch just besides to first one to enlarge the rejection but there is a coupling ( due to length ) between two notches and therefore no success..
  2. Closed: Re: Microwave Office Axiem include capacitors etc.

    Help Documents of AWR..
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    Closed: Re: ADS error in model specification

    Model Block is missing..
  4. Closed: Re: Microwave Office Axiem include capacitors etc.

    Because EM Simulators Do Not Recognize Electronic Components.You have to place 2-Ports for Cap. then obtain symbol from the layout.
    You can use it later on this view in a separate schematic...
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    Closed: Re: RF Switch with diode

    To my knowledge, Solid State PIN Diodes are not robust to carry those Power Levels..
  6. Closed: Re: Phase Noise Measurement using spectrum analyzer (PLL technique)

    You can measure PN with Spectrum Analyzer but it won't be very healthy.Although modern Signal Analyzers have Phase Noise Measurement Features, I'd prefer use a Phase Noise Analyzer for better...
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    Closed: Re: RF Switch with diode

    1000W@18GHz ??? Is it a joke ??
  8. Closed: Re: Momentum simulation in ADS for Power Amplifier design

    c-cpace is for schematic representation of the layout, not necessary.Simply placing two pins who are touching to 2 different metal pieces would be enough.
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    Closed: Re: BJT Models for Cadence Simulation

    There is a model file in Cadence ADE installation.It's just under some directories ( examples/analog etc.) there are few sample model like NPN_lower, NPN_higher.You can use them.
    I don't remember...
  10. Closed: Re: Designing Class AB Power amplifier with max. PAE

    This is not Class-AB Amplifier, it's just A-Class Cascode Amplifier.It's very well explicitly seen that from PAE curve..%25 !
    In additional to that, AB-Class Power Amplifiers' Transistors are driven...
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    Closed: Re: Who has experience using tube...

    Someones like tubes due to their their own distortion and sound and nowadays the people who want to listen original sounds pay thousands bucks for tube amplifiers even tube radios..
    Aging is the...
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    Closed: Re: caculate Zin of a HF rectifier using ADS

    -You do a methodology error.Don't use LSSP, instead use HB and place Current Meter at the input and simply divide V/I ( complex impedance) because rectifiers are highly nonlinear systems.
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    Closed: Re: Recommend a DC Power Supply

    Industrial Power Supplies in the market have generally SMPS circuitry and this is bad for telecom applications even-tough they are very well filtered.
    IF I were you I create my own Power Supply...
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    Closed: Re: RF Switching with DC Pass

    Solid-State RF switches have not been designed being as passing DC because DC voltage changes the OP of FET devices in it.Also, if the switch absorbing type, termination resistors may be burned..
  15. Closed: Re: Getting nonlinear model for JFET and GaAsHEMT transistor

    It's a discontinued product and the manufacturer suggest to use CE3512K2 instead.Since that last device is still available and active, Modelithics may supply a pretty accurate model.
  16. Closed: Re: What is the latest RF HEMT for prototype LNA?

    Nowadays, it's really hard to find discrete HEMT or its variants transistors.Almost all IV-V Compound Semiconductor Companies are going with with Dedicated Integrated Products and discrete components...
  17. Closed: Re: Electromagnetic interferences - how to handle?

    First things first, you shouldn't use breadboards for such sensitive circuits and systems, it's worst choice for them.
    EMI can have internal sources as well as external ones.In order to distinguish,...
  18. Closed: Re: HAM radio topic: EM based design of a 432 MHz high pass with 144 MHz rejection

    Can you upload ADS Project File here, I will try something..
  19. Closed: Re: Using ADS2019, How to set and measure tempature values for LNA?

    You can do it but don't trust much nonlinear models especially in term of NF.They are generally poor at those frequencies but nevertheless try and see..
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    Closed: Re: Looking for Mentor Footprint

    If you create an account @ partquest , you can download Mentor compatible schematic symbols and PCB footprints.
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Momentum cosimulation ADS

    Totally depends on the models which you have been using in schematic view.If they are realistic, the results will be closer otherwise there will be differences.
    One thing more, while gaining in one...
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    Closed: Re: kirchom matrix parameter question

    Being of Vout=0 does not require Iout=0..
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    Closed: Re: PLL gain and phase margin

    If you are able to use MatLab , you can replace PLL blocks with their mathematicaly linear models.Otherwise Nonlinear elements won't give you any insight.
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    Closed: Re: Becoming PCB Designer

    I think it's for advanced/experienced PCB Designers.I suggest you to participate into PCB Designer Trainings which are organized by Companies such as Mentor,Altium.Cadence..
    You should concretely...
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    Closed: Re: Realistic Monte Carlo setup

    MC Simulations are generally based on NOMINAL values of each process variable. MC takes statistical values around this NOMINAL value by its own algorithm and gives you an insight about how...
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