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  1. Closed: Re: Glow LED on specified counter values 0-500 in 89c52 uC

    This is an incomplete code, you are not reseting the variable flag anywhere, as well as you are no more incrementing Counter variable which should be used in additioin to other variables, when turn...
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    Closed: Re: LCD Menu Architecture Suggestions?

    Flowcharts is what you need on this stage, make a sketch of at least a single function of the whole, and you will see how objects will interact each other. For now, the only thing that come to mind...
  3. Closed: Re: Glow LED on specified counter values 0-500 in 89c52 uC

    Again, a well-written code ideally do not perform any task in handling interrupts other than triggering flags. In the above case, if during the execution of the program, the interruption changes the...
  4. Closed: Re: Glow LED on specified counter values 0-500 in 89c52 uC

    Not a good recommendation to insert pieces of code inside interrupt vectors. As far as possible, the only service to be performed there is the triggering of a flag to be handled in the main()...
  5. Closed: Re: Glow LED on specified counter values 0-500 in 89c52 uC

    By using state machine you would always return to an Idle state instead of being blocked within execution of a Delay function, in addition to the obvious advantage of having a better structured...
  6. Closed: Re: Glow LED on specified counter values 0-500 in 89c52 uC

    Problem 'solved' with a bad programming style, consider next time using state machine handling delays with flags instead of closed loop delays. I would not be surprised if you reopen the discussion...
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    Closed: Re: Programming ESP-32 ESP-12

    There is the ESP-IDF toolset available that compiles in C++, however since its is not very friendly to deal even with simple applications, it is recommended only for those who are familiar with low...
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    Closed: Re: Issues with driving 16x2 LCD

    In addition, most likely the working circuit running in simulation not being exactly the same on assembly; in Proteus the model is based on the HD44780 controller whose contrast voltage (Vo) is...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Question about MC33063

    Lesson learned: Always do functional simulations before mounting the prototype on breadboard. It gives you the opportunity to confirm even if there exists some detail you overlooked on your specs....
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    Closed: Re: Pulsed microwave beam conundrum

    Did you even considered any calibration issue with your meter? Was you able to determine the direction where this signal come from? MHO you are just detecting artifacts from your own electronic...
  11. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Const shows error in sine table of a sine wave inverter code with PIC16F73

    I would try declaring sin_table as unsigned char instead of int once done as above waste memory filling with zero (const values are smaller than 255). As far as I remember, the PIC16F family has...
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    Closed: Re: ESP32 (WROOM-32D) ADC linearity

    Were both Wifi and Bluetooth h/w turned off during these experiments? I'm in the opinion that the ADC of this chip/module can be seen rather as a plus, than properly a reliable resource, since the...
  13. Closed: Re: Bluetooth Serial Module for PIC Microcontroller

    ...or you could consider using another microcontroller, one having available a module with either CPU and bluetooth onboard. The ESP32-WROOM-32U is a nice example of that.
  14. Closed: Re: Microcontroller pin not working after some time.

    The current driving the 7-segments display sounds comfortably dimensioned, so it is unlikely that there was a burning problem, except of course due to improper handling when energized; frankly, I...
  15. Closed: Re: framing specifications for a control problem

    Each set of specifications determines one or more methods to solve the problem that can be done by graphic and/or algebraic approaches. There is no "simple example" given such a broad question.
  16. Closed: Re: Electromagnetic interferences - how to handle?

    Without knowing exactly what the circuit is, it is difficult to make a more accurate guess, it may be for example that you have not connected anywhere a high impedance input, having a floating static...
  17. Closed: Re: Component values on 2-pole 2-zero compensation

    For practical purposes, the transfer function of this circuit is simplified to the op amp inverter topology, so the gain would be defined as ((1/sC2 + R2) // C1) divided by ((1/sC3 + R3) // R1). ...
  18. Closed: Re: Freq computation without DIV instruction for 8bit MCU

    Your requirements are restrictive; you could consider setting timer scaler to a interval between acquisitions as a rational number power of two, so that division could be replaced by a simple right...
  19. Closed: Re: Components nomenclature on PCB silkscreen

    Whenever there are repetitions of circuits in the project, it is preferable to encapsulate them in a block, repeating it as many times as necessary, prefer automation of the component designator...
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    Closed: Re: STM32F103VET6 and CH340G

    Do you see it as a COM device ?

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    Closed: Re: STM32F103VET6 and CH340G

    It is likely you don`t have the driver installed.
    Refer to this link:
  22. Closed: Re: How the washing machine Automatic Load Sense works?

    If you had the curiosity to search on the Web for the terms "washing machine auto sensing" would find that it is related the way as water is filled into drum, assuring that all the pieces will be wet...
  23. Closed: Re: How can we send multiple bytes via UART?

    Seems like your are trying to cascade bytes in a dynamic structure such as overloading parameters, which is a resource not available in C language, but rather in C++. Is it the case?
  24. Closed: Re: How the washing machine Automatic Load Sense works?

    Review reply #7: Wet clothes are much heavier than dry, so the weight of dry clothes is negligible in the laundry process. Again: Water absorbing capacity is perhaps the most relevant factor in this...
  25. Closed: Re: How the washing machine Automatic Load Sense works?

    Do you really think there exists any kind of sensor capable to detect the fabric material? In addition, are you assuming that people will always put clothes made with the same fabric at each washing...
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