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    Closed: Re: Steps to convert MATLAB code to HDL or VHDL

    From what version of Matlab the HDL coder is possible? CAn I use it just with Simulink?
    Why I should use System generator--could I use just the Dsp blockset or HDL Coder with or without HDL...
  2. Closed: [Moved]: What I should use as the analog of Simulink Switch in Micro-Cap?

    I created the circuit in Simulink but I also to do it in Micro-Cap?
    So I need to use some switch in Micro-cap.
    Which one I could use instead o Simulink Switch where the defining signal go to...
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    Closed: Application kwta system

    Would you like tell me how i could apply my kwta logical circuit as some commercial circuit. I wrote the student work on kwta neural sorter. But I do not have any information how use it as commercial...
  4. Closed: How use comparator and interator in microcap?

    I need to implement the logic circuit in Micro-cap that has such components as adders, comparators and integrator. So I predominantly need to use macros components. But I do not know such things.1....
  5. Closed: How to use integrator and comparator in simulink

    I am also need to use time-constant integral, when initial x0=0 or 1, but the condition of integrating is defined by such formula: dx/dt=-alpha*x--so the solution is something like...
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