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  1. Closed: Re: power analysis using synopsys DC compiler

    I have already used -instance as shown in the following read_saif command.........
    read_saif -input waves.saif -instance test_tb/dut -rtl_direct

    I have not used the -target argument . I am not...
  2. Closed: Re: power analysis using synopsys DC compiler

    Thank you for reply. I understand that since Modelsim is a simulator the test bench should be the top module whereas since the DC is a synthesis tool, the circuit should be top module. But if this is...
  3. Closed: power analysis using synopsys DC compiler

    I am trying to generate power report using Synopsys DC compiler.

    At first I have generated VCD file using Modelsim simulator, which I have converted to SAIF file using "vcd2saif" command.
    Then I...
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    Closed: Acquisition Range of PLL

    What is meant by acquisition range of PLL?
    How does it depend on loop bandwidth?

    When we work on discrete PLL domain, how does it affect the acquisition range?
    I am currently working on timing...
  5. Closed: Loop Filter Coefficients in Timing Recovery loop in Baseband Receiver


    I am trying to design the Symbol timing recovery(#STR) block of #DVBS Receiver. For reference, I am using the following matlab simulink design (NDA timing recovery part within Digital...
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    Closed: sheet resistance of nwell

    I am using gpdk45 nm file for virtuoso in cadence. can anyone help me to know how to find the sheet resistance of nwell in 45nm technology?
  7. Closed: Re: 8 bit divider circuit using logic gates

    please refer to the book FPGA PROTOTYPING BYN VERILOG EXAMPLES 1st Edition by pong.p.chu.One divider circuit example is given in the book. Thank you.
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    Closed: Re: RTL Always block for FSM

    For complex RTL designs with multiple conditions, use of assign statements can be very hard to work with ( for example you have to use multiple "?" conditional operator making the code hard to read....
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    Closed: MIPS / RISCV copyright query

    please help me with the information that whether MIPS and RISCV are copyright protected or not. So if not whether one can go for full ASIC tapeout of SOC developed from RISCV/MIPS cores with various...
  10. Closed: Using ELECTRIC vlsi design system in linux

    I have installed ELECTRIC vlsi deisgn system in linux. Now how can I proceed to do simulations of circuits and layouts in electric. please guide me what plugins to install and how to install for...
  11. Closed: parametric analysis using verilog-ams

    is it possible to use parametric analysis in cadence verilog-ams............for example there is a parameter w defined by the verilog-ams model by i want to do parametric analysis by...
  12. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: setting initial voltage in cadence for designing SRAM

    thnx to u both......
  13. [SOLVED]Closed: setting initial voltage in cadence for designing SRAM

    i have designed a static RAM circuit(32 nm). I wanted to perform simulation for read operation. So i needed to set the bit lines to vdd(0.9v). I used nodeset command to set the initial volatge of...
  14. Closed: value of capacitive load @32nm technology?

    i am designing a nand, nor, etc logic circuits(mosfet) using cadence @ 32nm technology.what should be the appropriate capacitive load that i have to use corresponding to fan out of...
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    Closed: cadence gpdk files_urgent

    how can i know what does the different parameters in the gpdk180 file means. for example there are different parameters are given in nmos1.scs file with their values...but how can i know which...
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