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    Closed: 1.27mm pitch programming header?


    we are doing ICSP with PIC12F629, and are using a 2.54mm pitch programming header......i.e. this one...

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    Closed: Part numbering of Osram Power TopLEDs.


    I am trying to order a yellow Power TopLED.

    Power TOPLED datasheet.

    The part...
  3. Closed: Altium 10: Moidifiying PCB layout....and board has


    I was modifying a PCB layout of a LED Driver PCB on which the leds are also mounted.

    The modification was just to add a few resistors and capacitors to provide a sync function.
  4. Closed: Altium 10: Ratsnest for ground net is not visiable


    I can see all the other rats nests but not the ground you know why this is?
  5. Closed: Active low or active high signalling between PIC microcontrollers?


    We have four flashing LED lamps , each mounted at different parts of a lorry.
    Each Lamp has a PIC12F683 microcontroller in it.

    The four microcontrollers all have their GP4 pins...
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    Closed: Electronic test sheet....excel

    Hi I am doing an electronics test sheet, and it wont let me insert a column of cells, as it says theres not the room.

    Its an .xslx sheet

    do you know how i can do this, it says something about...
  7. Closed: Re: Measuring light output from xenon flashlamps.

    ok thanks, i imagine that a measuring device which can accurately measure light output when the flash only happens for 200us every 800ms is going to be very expensive.?

    FvM i see what you mean but...
  8. Closed: Measuring light output from xenon flashlamps.


    We have 3W xenon flashlamps which flash once every 800ms

    The flash looks to be quite long, but in fact the tube current flows literally for just ~200us for each flash.

    Recently, we...
  9. Closed: Altium: How to make all component designators invisible?


    i dont have room on pcb for component designators, but still want some silk sceen do i remove component designators?.....they are on the silkscreen, but i cant just make...
  10. Closed: Current drawn by FET gate drive in buckboost LED driver?


    Please help me find Current required to drive FET in buckboost converter

    I am using SiS892DN mosfet in 1MHz buckboost converter LED driver.

    Vin = 27V
    Vout = 58V with respect to...
  11. Closed: What Vout does linear regulator give if load current is less than minimum allowed?


    The question refers to the LT3082, whose datasheet is here...

    ....i want it for 5Vout, and my load current is about 250uA for long...
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    Closed: Re: What Voltage is a lorry battery?

    OK thanks, so do we say that in fact, a lorry "bus" voltage, due to the series connected car batterys is thus 27V?.......because a car battery is not really 12V, but is in fact 13.5V

    (I dont...
  13. Closed: Programming a SMT SO8 microcontroller off the PCB?


    We need to program an S08 PIC microcontroller before soldering it into the board.
    (there isn’t enough room on the PCB for the ICSP connector)

    Do you know if anyone sells something that...
  14. Closed: Importing EASY PC files (scm and pcb) into Altium versaion 10.771.23139


    Is this possible, i couldnt see Easy PC in the "plug ins and updates"
  15. Closed: Details of LED current and exact flash rates?


    any more details on theis LED lamp.....SD24 by

    I wish to know the LED current value on steady burn (whether its the same as...
  16. Closed: Does MIC3232 give soft start when re-enabled?

    If the MIC3232 LED driver IC is disabled via the EN pin, and then enabled again, does the soft-start happen again?, or does soft start only happen on initial application of input power?

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    Closed: Will 1206, 1R resistor fail open or short?


    If a 1206, 1R resistor conducts 20Amps of current, wil it fail open or short?
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    Closed: Saturation current of inductor?


    Do yo uknow what is the saturation current in the ELC09D102 inductor (datasheet doesnt tell it)

    its 1mH.

    Datasheet says "0.28ADC"

    .....but is this the saturation current? , or the...
  19. Closed: Re: Using temperature stickers to measure inductor case temperature. i am wondering if i can slit the 99degc section in half and use each half on different inductors?
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    Closed: Need crimp terminal for connector housing


    Our production line has stopped because we dont know which crimp terminal part number goes with this connector housing from (the housing is part number 794617-4)

  21. Closed: Using temperature stickers to measure inductor case temperature.

    i want to see if my inductor is going above 100 degc.......i want to use this temperature sticker but its too big.................can i just cut out the 104degC bit and just use that bit?

  22. Closed: Re: Viewer needed for a PCB file which is a "Protel PCB document"

    i tried to open these files in Altium full version, but was not able to do so.....i went via the import wizard, but couldnt do it.
  23. Closed: Viewer needed for a PCB file which is a "Protel PCB document"


    I need a viewer for a PCB file which is a "Protel PCB document"

    All i can find on google is gerber viewers, even though i am searching on "protel pcb document viewer"
  24. Closed: Re: Trigger transformer circuit for xenon flash lamp is unusual...why?


    Though FvM has said that the diode (if used at all) should be across R1, not where i've put it in the immediately above thread.

    Where do you think the diode would be ...
  25. Closed: Re: Trigger transformer circuit for xenon flash lamp is unusual...why?

    Actually i have here the trigger circuit schematic, and its more realistic because i managed to find a 600V SCR model

    This is really it, and do you...
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