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  1. Closed: Re: Is FET operating withinin SOA?...Pulsed linear regulator

    Thus you need both SOA to ensure you are well below limit (OK) then use Thermal IMpedance and compute T rise from integrated product of of VI=P_rms * d duty cycle

    I see an average <1 deg C...
  2. Closed: Re: Power considerations for 50 Ohm resistors in power combiners

    just remember to derate power capacity ~40~60% for reasonable temp rise.
  3. Closed: Re: This is a simple capacitor or it has a resistor inside it?

    It's a shorted HPF type metalized plastic Film capacitor

    Get a better one unless you know it was overstressed somehow.

    Also no saving in file size using 7Z on JPG which is already...
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    Closed: Re: OP07 circuit output voltage?

    Japanese schematics are far easier to read than Siemens ones. Your image quality is also poor.

    Focus on the the green circle readings to trace back why the 2.75V is failing for the required for...
  5. Closed: Re: Power considerations for 50 Ohm resistors in power combiners

    Consider what happens if there is a short , open or impedance mismatch rather than a perfect match on all ports. Try 10% mismatch.
  6. Closed: Re: Replaced NiMh battery in small solar light

    My experience with Alkaline bulk purchases from Walmart in Canada are that cheap 100 pack AA cells last 1 to 3 years with low load ( e.g. CO alarm) or no load The Energizers are designed for 10 year...
  7. Closed: Re: Correction of Frequency in Arrival Direction Detection

    One of my 1st designs was replacing ground based Radar with Doppler using OCXO +PLL to 100kHz sub-carrier FM pilot tone on Tx, then received and mixed with same OCXO ( using PLL to scale to same...
  8. Closed: Re: problem: coupling coefficient for two hairpin resonators

    What Q's and coupling coefficient did your expect? Your equivalent BW= 125 MHz averaged at 2153 MHz (but asymm.) results in a Q of 17.

    You may compute the Q from each outside skirt and then the...
  9. Closed: Re: Power considerations for 50 Ohm resistors in power combiners

    - Obtain the thermal resistance['C/W] of resistor Rth, determine if there if any change in condition, test spec, thermal conductor or insulation added. and adjust Rth
    - compute/ convert to RMS power...
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    Closed: Re: To amplify 0-30mV with gain 100

    Serious insufficient overall design specs!!

    what medium air? fluid ?

    Max Pressure? only 37[kPa] ~ 6 psi

    233 mV is far too high for signal.

    Show all design details and measurements
  11. Closed: Re: Buck/Boost Battery Charger works on dummy load, but does not charge batteries

    I just dropped by to see how you manage to evaluate :

    1) the deadtime control in relation to L/R decay time a fly back diode is slow from low V, low R but a Zener diode (high V allows for...
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    Closed: Re: To amplify 0-30mV with gain 100

    If 290 mA was the rated current, then the surge was upwards to 3A which caused your 5V and pressure signal to drop. Replace 5V to 1V R divider with a stable reference voltage or regulator. There is...
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    Closed: Re: To amplify 0-30mV with gain 100

    (1) The pressure sensor is designed to convert a voltage by means of constant current drive

    Use the recommended CC source and INA amp configuration with any parts that satisfy your specs.!!
  14. Closed: Re: Design and construction of scintillometer for evapotranspiration

    They also use a sledge hammer , steel plates and piezo sensors for measuring changes to water table with seismic Wave reflections, diffraction and velocity frequency changes
  15. Closed: Re: how to design a thermostat without Microcontroller?

    Dr Mo said "I provided a box which the heating source (40W light bulb), a little DC motor for rotating eggs and a thermostat embedded in.
    the temperature in the box should be around 37°C and the...
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    Closed: Re: H-bridge current spike

    I'd consider a soft start
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    Closed: Re: LT3800 at > 10A output current

    In BJT switched drivers the current gain in each stage is limited by the reduction in hFE = 5% ~ 10% of rated when near Vce=Vce(sat) for low Rce losses where Pd=I²*Rce(sat) Where Rce= Vce(sat)/Ice...
  18. Closed: Re: How to measure current with a digital oscilloscope?

    Your rise time may be >10MHz if BW=0.35/Trise

    For current sensing use a low side current shunt SMD R that drops 50mV max at max current. or less than the Ron, then amplify with DSO x1 coax or...
  19. Closed: Re: understanding bode plot characteristics

    Forgive my bad eyes and disregard my previous plots

  20. Closed: Re: understanding bode plot characteristics

    What are your design goals?

    I just read datasheet and I agree Rf and RL load need to be reduced

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    Closed: Re: Stepper Motor/DC Coil Protection

    TVS diodes offer to switch clamp with attenuation of V=LdI/dt when there is deadtime OFF commutation of NFET,PFET

    and ESD attenuation from 2kV 100pF for impedance ratio of diode to source Rs from...
  22. Closed: Re: Boost Converter (Problem in getting transient analysis)

    Measure Feedback voltage and apply feedforward RC compensation as required. Verify steady-state DC and step load transient response, phase margin etc. Use a DSO and compare to SIM.

    Choose DCR of L...
  23. Closed: Re: understanding bode plot characteristics

    Each order of filter has asymptotic slope or -6 dB/2f or -20dB/decade

    You have several unknowns but appears to be around 4th order @ 200MHz

    Op AMps are 1st order integrators with a pole at GBW...
  24. Closed: Re: Control Loop Compensation on Synchronous Buck DC-DC?

    Your open loop gain also depends on choice of Cesr/ Rdamp values , I believe.
  25. Closed: Re: How to measure current with a digital oscilloscope?

    Generally current sensors designed around 50 to 100mV drop at max current to limit power loss under 1/4W unless this is extremely low or high power.

    Impedance control, BW and choice of high side,...
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