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    Closed: Re: how to check beamwidth

    Thank you, it realy helped me.
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    Closed: how to check beamwidth

    Hello all,
    I simulated circular polarized circular microstrip antenna in IE3D.
    I am attaching .geo file can anybody tell how to measure beamwidth? Simulation frequency band- 2.25 GHz to 2.65 GHz
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    Closed: use of vector network analyzer

    I have used vector network analyzer to test micro strip antenna. S11, smith chart and VSWR. May I know what any other measurements can be carried out?
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    Closed: Re: how to share pendrive on network

    how to map pendrive to folder?
  5. Closed: Re: can we determine dielectric constant of material practic

    may i get information about practical calibration of dielectric material?
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    Closed: Re: Microstrip Antenna with coaxial feed

    which type of patch antenna u r planning to design?
  7. Closed: can we determine dielectric constant of material practically

    I have manyfactured simple circular patch antenna for resonant frequency 2.45 GHz. But while testing it is showing that it is resonated at 2.48 GHz. Rest all parameters are as per specifications. I...
  8. Closed: Re: antenna size and wavelength

    But what about circular microstrip patch antenna? How to decide it's dimentions? I am interested in ground plane size.
  9. Closed: Re: Implementation of fractal antenna with the help of ANN.

    I m working on Circular micro strip antenna using ANN. Which algorithm or method u decided? I m going with supervised learning feed forward network.
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    Closed: Re: Patch antenna Coax feed

    Generally feed point is on the axes. If u have cutted geometry then feed point may get shifted. If antenna is not perturbated then try feed point on x-axis.
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    Closed: Re: how to use IE3D

    To johnson mike,
    I m novice to IE3D. I used it for single layer circular micro strip antenna and i want to do two layer adding one more substrate above original one. how to do it? Can u help, Plz?
  12. Closed: Re: how to calculate radius of circular patch antenna?

    Send me resonant frequency. I'll let u know actual patch radius.

    Added after 2 minutes:

    Actually there is no such formula to determine actual radius. We have to solve for different values...
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    Closed: Re: Coaxial Feed Microstrip antenna

    In IE3D it is very easy.. Just click on probe feed to patch icon present in menu bar. Then window will pop up. In that window mention X and Y position of feed and no of segments ( generally...
  14. Closed: Re: how is difference between HFSS software and IE3D softwa

    Hello frnd,
    HFSS is 3-D software, while IE3D is 2.5D simulation software. This much I know.
  15. Closed: how to calculate radius of circular patch antenna?

    Hello all,
    I know following formula
    fr= Knm * C / 2* pi* ae* sqrt(er)
    My question is if I want to fabricate antenna for 2.4 GHz then I'll get ae using above formula. But how to get actual patch...
  16. Closed: Re: simulation of rectangular patch antenna ( Help required.

    I had attached simulation file. Didn't u get? Let me know. I'll resend.
  17. Closed: Re: simulation of rectangular patch antenna ( Help required.

    I m attaching the project file.
  18. Closed: simulation of rectangular patch antenna ( Help required....)

    Hello all,
    I m trying to simulate rectangular microstrip antenna using HFSS 10. This is my first project. Following error is coming.

    Boundary 'Rad1': A radiation boundary face has solid objects...
  19. Closed: choosing a modelling technique for microstrip antenna

    Hello, I want to design circular microstrip antenna for 2.4 GHz centre frequency.
    which modelling technique will b suitable foe me and and is formulae are differing from model to model?
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    Closed: fsm lift

    Pls send ASM design flow for lift controller. Urgent.
  21. Closed: FSM

    I m not getting the concept of FSM. Can anybody help? Also I want information on digital syatems design using VHDL.
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    Closed: Re: Ansoft Designer Questions (PAtch Antenna)

    From where I can get Ansoft tool for antenna design?
  23. Closed: microstrip antenna

    I m new to microwave field. But want to work on microstrip antenna.
    from where would I get the information about basic theory of microstrip antenna?
    Any book?
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    Closed: patch_antenna.pdf cst

    Can anyone guide me on how to simulate microstrip antenna?
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