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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: DC-to-DC Converter question

    Using a DC-DC converter output as your reference is probably a poor choice because its noisy and poorly regulated. It's also wasteful to cascade DC-DC converters (especially isolated ones) unless...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: type 1 compensation in voltage regulators

    Correct. The compensator is a part of the total system that includes DC feedback.
  3. Closed: Re: What is saturation current of ELC09D-221 (220uH) inductor?

    Reference the L vs I curves on page one. Saturation is usually defined as a 20-40% drop in inductance.

    EDIT: Nevermind that appears to be a part selection guide. I've also never seen an inductor...
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    Closed: Re: How to generate sine wave using Verilog?

    Consider that the derivative (slope) of sin is cos and the derivative of cos is sin. Thus you can increment one by a value proportional to the other and you get a self-oscillating output that's a...
  5. Closed: Re: "Current" controle is a big issue using ClassD ?

    Well it seems the OP wants to control current: "Since my project need to get Current transformer output"...and current mode control is a great way to do that.

    Generally current mode control...
  6. Closed: Re: Reverse recovery losses in synchronous rectifier

    This also won't answer your question: What I think is that it doesn't matter too much. The future for a mostfet that's on is that some day it's going to be turned off. At that point any positive...
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    Closed: Re: Dc/Dc controller LT8316 power limit

    To be clear I don't think there is a 100W limit. The 100W number is Analog/Linear trying to be realistic and helpful (and they sell controllers better suited for higher power).

    12V is fine for...
  8. Closed: Re: Longer deadtime or blanking time between two mosfets of one leg phase U or v or w

    Speaking with class-D/inverter experience but not motors: yes dead time creates distortion. When neither fet is on the result may be high, low or somewhere in between. The uncertainty creates...
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    Closed: Re: Dc/Dc controller LT8316 power limit

    100W is often considered the upper useful limit for a flyback.

    Flybacks make relatively poor use of the transformer meaning its size increases quickly with power. Around 100W other topologies...
  10. Closed: Re: Reverse recovery losses in synchronous rectifier

    Other people may give you the semiconductor physics but I'll point out that the 'ON' isn't where reverse recovery comes into play. There are no losses when you turn on the fet and add a channel...
  11. Closed: Re: Relay substitution and other help with Solar powered plant watering machine

    The relay switches the motor right? A mosfet can easily do this too. Easiest to do on the 'low side'.
  12. Closed: Re: NPN having its VBE protected against reverse voltage....but unecessary?

    Other question: 12V to 8.3V at 10mA and you need this circuit?

    You could:
    Remove the NPN altogether and supply 10mA from the opamp directly
    Remove the opamp too and supply 10mA from the TL431...
  13. Closed: Re: SMD Sync Buck converters with parallel FETs and no heatsinks

    What about the SMT heatsink? It's just another SMT part that comes right off the line.

    Ok here is the app note I was looking for. This has Tja for DPAK (page 33) versus copper area from...
  14. Closed: Re: SMD Sync Buck converters with parallel FETs and no heatsinks

    Speaking from experience of a recent paralleling fail the problem with paralleling small SMT parts is the watts density. They must be close for good performance so the result is minimal decrease in...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Protect FPGA Pin from negative voltage

    A resistor alone is often enough to protect against voltage (by limiting current to below the specified limit, often 10mA).
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    Closed: Re: Live and neutral reversed issue

    Devices will function but its less safe. As an example light-bulbs are designed so the outside threaded metal part is neutral which you might touch while unscrewing it. Normally its safe, in your...
  17. Closed: Re: hello i when i compile in quartus i have to whait 5 hours and not done ?

    There are a few reasons this could happen including: slow computer, quartus bug, complex design, over-constrained. You should check the log files to see what they're saying and what step its getting...
  18. Closed: Re: How to get good isolated / idiot proof 9VDC supply from +/-15VDC rails?

    Yes what Klauss says is correct. Recom, and Murata are 2 big manufacturers. Or search Digi-Key for “isolated dc-dc converter”.
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    Closed: Re: Data Transfer over long rwisted pair cable

    Seems like 485 can do the distance at reduced rate. Make it up with additional twisted pairs?
  20. Closed: Re: Difference between input and output offset voltage

    Draw the standard 3 op-amps instrumentation amplifier circuit and add offsets to each amplifier. The net offset of the input amplifiers is the input offset. The net offset of the output amplifier...
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    Closed: Re: Controller IC for DC/DC converter

    There is no way you'll find a buck controller that can drive a 1500V half bridge. You'll almost certainly have to go with a fully isolated solution for that (special high voltage rated isolation...
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    Closed: Re: PC based Oscilloscopes

    Yes some of them have bad software? Do all bench scopes have good software?

    Picoscope is well established and has good software from my limited experience and from what I've heard. There are...
  23. Closed: Re: Is it possible to compensate the VOS by adjusting the common mode outout voltage

    Yes it's digital systems with an ADC its common to measure and store the offset (at say powerup) and subtract it later. Though very large offsets could eat into dynamic range or...
  24. Closed: Re: Is it possible to compensate the VOS by adjusting the common mode outout voltage

    Again, it's clear at this point the OP means the output reference more commonly named "ref". Both linked datsheets have offset correction tied there.
  25. Closed: Re: Is it possible to compensate the VOS by adjusting the common mode outout voltage

    The OP is talking about an inst amp and I assumed because of what they said they meant the "ref" pin when referring to "VCM from output". Possibly a mistake?
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