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  1. Closed: Re: Sequential ATPG errors that dont go away because of hardware metal faults

    I would suggest to stop drinking.
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    Closed: Re: Timing ARC for Asynchronous Signal

    the rule is simple: any input that causes a change to an output is considered during std cell characterization. the tools that are farther up in the implementation chain need to know the delay and...
  3. Closed: Re: Getting connectivity information from fsdb file

    VCD file is not meant to store netlist/connectivity. You can simulate a VCD along with a netlist, if that is what you are asking...
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    Closed: Re: Timing ARC for Asynchronous Signal

    unclear. are you talking about timing arcs within a standard cell or within a design?
  5. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Why remove scan chain before the placement?

    the goal of the placement tool is to minimize wirelength. if you have the scan chain already accounted for, the tool might mistakenly place the cells to try to minimize the scan-chain length. this is...
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    Closed: Re: Creating Power ring around macros

    What issues are you seeing? This is a rather trivial task, can be done in one single command.
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    Closed: Re: Leakge current in low Vt cells

    Simply put, because low Vt cells are designed for performance. The trade-off is that the threshold is so low/narrow, that it leaks more.
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    Closed: Re: ATPG stuff, tell me what you think

    what I think is that you are incapable of comprehending how a forum works. you are talking to yourself, mate. and it is not pretty from what I can tell.
  9. Closed: Re: Low power optimization problem in competitive vendor economics

    this makes no sense.
  10. Closed: Re: ASIC Physical Design

    Yes, there is. The explanation above is pretty thorough.

    I would only add that in digital design we often don't think in terms of noise margin, we think in terms of library margins. If your...
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    Closed: Re: Simple Problem of Systemverilog

    what data type did you use for signal_transport?
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    Closed: Re: Clock divider circuit

    the first is a PLL design from unknown researchers in a meaningless journal. validated with simulation (sigh)

    the second is something that works reliably and is utilized very often
  13. Closed: Re: How power switches are connected to standard cells in design?

    logically, they are not connected. they are physically connected to the rails. the rails then carry VDD/GND to the cells.
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    Closed: Re: Why CTS in physical design?

    CTS can be "estimated" at logic synthesis with the use of a layout/flooplaning estimation flow. this is quite standard these days, supported by genus and dc.

    CTS is no longer about clk skew, it...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: digital integrated circuits

    Yep. In a modern ASIC there is still a lot more. You can expect a lot of level shifting going around, a lot of clamps for ESD protection, buffers, etc.
  16. Closed: Re: Is it necessary to set FPGA and ASIC operating frequency to the same amount?

    There is no clear rule on how to convert the max clock frequency of an FPGA implementation to an ASIC implementation. Play with the synthesis tool, try some higher values and see what you get. There...
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    Closed: Re: max_transition Violation

    Maybe neither, maybe both. max_tran violations may indicate some issue in the sdc files, may indicate issues with library characterization, may indicate poor synthesis. You have to look at it case by...
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    Closed: Re: Synopsys DC: Tracing clock path

    Do you mean visualize the clock tree? It is not implemented during logic synthesis, only later in physical synthesis. I have a feeling you are looking for something that isn't there yet.
  19. Closed: Re: What are the meaings of the following Calibre warnings

    Assuming you are using calibre for DRC, these errors happen when you generate broken GDS. Maybe the reason is a library is missing, maybe the reasons is two libraries have cells with the same name.
  20. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: [moved] What is Cadence genus synthesis, report power?

    you must have set the clock somewhere in your synthesis script or through an external sdc file. check what value you have used. dynamic power is a function of the clock frequency, no doubt about it.
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    Closed: Re: What is Negative timing checks

    $setuphold is just verilog terminology for the timing check task. it can trigger for either reason. when it triggers, it will tell you which one was violated. just check the console/logs.

    I am not...
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    Closed: Re: SiliconSmart pin and lib file

    I assume you are characterizing a flop. You need to capture clk-->Q delays and setup/hold times. You need to follow the templates for flops, there is a specific syntax for passing a table of inputs...
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    Closed: Re: Logic duplication and optimization

    agree 100% with the posters above. if you want to do manual optimizations, it's better if you think a level above (i.e., pipelining and architecture options). this is really where your coding...
  24. Closed: Re: Relxpert model file which supports UMC65 for reliability simulation

    No one can send you such file, it would be a gross violation of NDA. You have to get the file from the foundry.
  25. Closed: Re: CMOS ring oscillator frequency degradation through years

    Not sure what the issue is. The tools don't know how to calculate aging, they take values from the spice model of the transistors. if you are using the same transistor model, I would expect the same...
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