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    Closed: Re: Programming ESP-32 ESP-12

    Somewhere along the line you need to put in some effort.
    Arduino code can be very efficient but I do agree about the debugging. There are lots of libraries around that can get you going quite...
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    Closed: Re: Programming ESP-32 ESP-12

    What is the problem you are having with the Arduino environment?
    Have you looked at PlatformIO? however without knowing the underlying issue, it is hard to say if this will be any better.
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    Closed: Re: Issues with driving 16x2 LCD

    Just seen this thread. The black squares is the classic 'contrast' issue with these LCD displays as @FenTrac has pointed out.
    The thing I find fascinating is that it took 10 posts (5 from people...
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    Closed: Re: max3421e as USB host

    I think you are getting a few concepts mixed up here. (I've glanced at the various data sheets but, as I've not used these devices myself, I don't have the time to study them in depth.)
    Taking the...
  5. Closed: Re: Microcontroller selection - higher baud rate

    You might also try one of the PIC18FxxKxx MCUs - they can have a Fosc up to 64MHz. The formulae are slightly different but fundamentally the same.
    To get 64MHZ Fosc, you can use a 16MHz xtal and the...
  6. Closed: Re: Microcontroller selection - higher baud rate

    @KlausST - the '...integer multiple of 9' part is true but not necessarily relevant depending on the actual device the OP chooses.
    As @betwixt points out, most (if not all) of the PIC18F series of...
  7. Closed: Re: Microcontroller pin not working after some time.

    How did it stop working? What tests did you do to confirm it? (i.e. did you check with a scope, DVM etc.)
    When you powered the device off and (a little later) back on again, did it start working...
  8. Closed: Re: PIC18F micro controller to send and receive atcommand

    If you are asking that question then I suggest that you will have a very hard road ahead of you with an awful lot to learn before you are successful. I don't say this to put you off but to get you to...
  9. Closed: Re: Microcontroller selection - higher baud rate

    See the link in my reply #4, select the PIC18 MCUs under the '8 bit Microcontrollers' item on the left and make your choice - probably based on whatever else you want the MCU to do.
    If you want to...
  10. Closed: Re: Microcontroller selection - higher baud rate

    Personally I would not use the internal oscillator for the UART (regardless of BAUD rate) with that (relatively) old chip. Depending on the temperature range and voltage, you can get +/- 10% between...
  11. Closed: Re: Microcontroller selection - higher baud rate
    Select the options that are important to you and then select the MCU that you want.
    As a general rule, the clock used for UARTs...
  12. Closed: Re: How can we send multiple bytes via UART?

    The pic16f877a has a USART which means that it can used in both asynchronous and synchronous modes
    If you are willing to forego the 'start' and 'stop' bits, then you can use the synchronous mode....
  13. Closed: Re: Microcontrollers and a lot of advice - PIC , AVR, ARM - Software - Books - Boards

    I also suggest that you move to C because it will give you the flexibility to move between devices from different manufacturers. That does NOT mean to say that the code is portable between them...
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    Closed: Re: dspic30f2010 Used Sinewave Inverter

    Step 1: determine what you need the MCU to do - this will tell you what modules the MCU needs to have (ADC, Comparator, Multiplier-Accumulator...), how fast it needs to work, how much memory it needs...
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    Closed: Re: 12 Bit ADC with interfacing SPI in STM32

    Are there 16 clock pulses in while the CS is low? (It's hard to tell from your pictures)
    I'm not sure in what way you think the signal is 'a little strange'. If you are talking about the shape of...
  16. Closed: Re: Simple ADC code in XC8 for PIC16F18856

    Microchip do provide simulators but only for their MCUs and not f or any surrounding components. When testing devices that interface with the outside world, they do have the ability to inject values...
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    Closed: Re: Functionl Generator 600 MHz

    You also need to think about what the lower end of the frequency range is.
    There are a lot of circuits out there for "600MHz vco" (the google search I did) but many only have a limited range (say...
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    Closed: Re: Enabling PLL in PIC18F

    In a word: No!
    The issue with that MCU is that the PLL only multiples by 24 and must have an input frequency of 4MHz. (The reason is that this gives the 96/2 = 48MHz required for USB operation)....
  19. Closed: Re: Signed fractional format ADC dspic33EV

    Exactly which MCU do you have (you have mentioned dsPIC33EV and dsPIC33EP - but the next characters may or may not be significant)?
    Do you have it set for 10-bit or 12-bit? Showing us the...
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    Closed: Re: Suggestions of RTOS for STM32F429

    If you are using the STM32Cube then it has FreeRTOS already in it with some documentation.
  21. [PIC]Closed: Re: PIC16F1934 Timer0 and some other stuff

    Just to be clear: with the IF bit set (and also the IE bit set of course) the ISR will be called. You *should* clear the IF flag in the ISR to make sure that the next time it is set by the hardware,...
  22. Closed: Re: CAN communication between two nodes (PIC18F458 and MCP2551 ) hardware

    How are you testing that you are not getting any output?
    You say you are using a PIC development board - which one?
    Can you toggle the RB3 (CAN output) pin with your own bit of code?
    Where did you...
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    Closed: Re: STM32L475 IoT with bluetooth module

    What experience do you have with programming any microcontroller, let alone the STM32L family of devices?
    I suspect that you are jumping in at the deep end without knowing the basics which is a path...
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    Closed: Re: Pic32 qei interrupts

    Which compiler are you using?
    If it is XC32, then the User Guide will show you very clearly how to write an ISR.
    If it is some other compiler then I a pretty certain that its User Guide (or similar...
  25. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Generating Sine Wave Through External DAC (STM32)

    This part of your code makes no sense - it means that you are always using 's[0]' to hold the value. Therefore why create an array when all you need is a single variable.
    I suspect that you are...
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