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  1. Closed: Realtek RTL8722 Arduino Compatible WiFi + BLE development board

    Hello everyone,

    Realtek's Ameba-D development board (using the RTL8722DM SOC) is now supported in the Arduino IDE. It is an IoT-ready MCU powered by an ARM Cortex-M4 core at up to 200MHz coupled...
  2. Closed: REALTEK RTL8710 Compact WiFi IoT Development Board

    Realtek's AmebaIoT ecosystem also has the low-cost Ameba-2 development board using the RTL8710 soc. This board is also a WiFi capable, Arduino compatible IoT board designed for project integration....
  3. Closed: MQTT IoT device using the Realtek RTL8195 development board

    Hello everyone,

    Continuing from my previous introduction of the Realtek RTL8195 development board, I would like to inform everyone of a new service provided along with the board.

  4. Closed: REALTEK RTL8195 Arduino Compatible WiFi IoT Development Board

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to introduce the Ameba-1 development board (using the RTL8195AM/RTL8710AF soc) from Realtek's AmebaIoT ecosystem. It is an IoT-ready MCU powered by a ARM Cortex-M3...
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