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    Closed: Re: Solar Power Plant .

    Probably you are willing to create a 20 kW solar panel. For this you need to design a solar array which costs around $40,000. And which will generate around 65 kWH daily. Actual cost and units of...
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    Closed: Re: Voltage divider question

    Arduino UNO can easily handle 20 mA current. Check this single page guide on their website:

    As far as I know the internal resistance of Arduino is...
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    Closed: Pole numbers of Machine

    I was surfing the impact of pole number on working of the machine (motors and generators). I studied machines for some time and familiar with equation N = 120f/ P. As it says increasing pole number...
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    Closed: Re: ETAP Help Needed - Urgent

    I uninstalled the Etap back so I'll not be able to accurately answer the problem. But the error indicates base limits. Just increase the base limit to 40%, in case it is 500 roll to 700. I hope it...
  5. Closed: Re: Battery protection for over charge and deep discharge

    There are bunch of circuits available in this regard. An example from Engineers garage: Don't rely...
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    Closed: Re: What logic gate is this ?

    Andre's solution looks neat. Since it goes with single piece. I'was considering two IC's one having AND and other NOT for NAND A input.
  7. Closed: Re: What Is This Symbol? Like two circles overlapping

    In your scenario it is constant current source as Kalus stated. Img:
    Sometimes it might refer to a transformer (especially in power systems)....
  8. Closed: Re: Bought a 230V@10A Variac for 90USD, was this cheap or expensive?

    The visual look and features assert it's a perfect deal. I encountered similar (sometimes much lower) features for more than $150.
  9. Closed: Re: How can I design Automatic Meter Reader using Power line communication modem

    I'll suggest perusing research papers from IEEE & other Electrical journals. I am sharing an automatic meter reading paper from jee. Link:...
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    Closed: Re: Impedance Matching Transformer

    A simple search of Google and Amazon weights FvM's comments. Looks like you need to assemble the parts on your own. Quotation from bamblog website:
  11. Closed: Re: Electronics Presentation Materials

    yeah as I mentioned "Make your own lectures", If you find feasible try every circuit app shared by Catam.

    One blink in my mind is Hyperphysics. . I hope it wil provide you ultimate resources for...
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    Closed: Re: Why the door ring can't work?

    I just followed the thread, checked the comments and hope you'll find the solution from betwixt discussions. One piece I would suggest is to assemble the circuit prototype on breadboard (wheneever...
  13. Closed: Url for blog section should be title based

    Recently I was reading a blog post Dimming lights at:
    The blog url makes no logic at sight, I checked many blogs and websites using...
  14. Closed: Re: Needed matlab code for problem 4.31 (chapter 4) from TS rappaport

    Post the statement of the problem instead of numbering, try to attempt it on your own first, then discuss the problems on Edaboard.
  15. Closed: A chart for LED voltages, brightness

    I was searching for an LED sizing chart so as to select proper led sizing. Googling it provided an LED calculator from kitronik and a chart from oksolar. The calculator is amazing since it provides...
  16. Closed: Re: Super simple Ni-MH charger, how it works?

    This chrager will provide 0.220 A current for most commonly available NiMH batteries if led resistance is 13 ohms. Many USB chargers operate between 0.5-0.9 A as well. Rest all quotes from betwixt.
  17. Closed: Re: Electronics Presentation Materials

    I will never recommend to directly jump on robotics. Instead start from some basics as CataM suggested.

    Most Undergrad colleges also recommend Floyd book. Although Floyd's book is way too simple...
  18. Closed: Re: Why current is not increasing when i applied load on the shaft of stepper motor?

    It depends on load which you applied and many conditions as well. Please post the conditions and type of load. A current vs RPM helps understand the behaviour of current vs rmp for different loads,...
  19. Closed: Re: Open source software for designing control panels

    I'll recomend to develop your own html,js based website on wordpress or some other forum (wordpress requires least experience with json parsing using API's). For advanced calculations, schematics you...
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    Closed: Re: Found an online simulator

    That's why I love offline tools. Proteus is my favorite.
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    Closed: Re: Matlab tutorials request

    Matlab official tutorials titled "Matlab Learn with MATLAB and Simulink" provide a startup boost at

    Checkout their juicy videos...
  22. Closed: Re: Finding voltages across resistors

    Use a voltmeter if the physical circuit is at disposal. Since theoretically solving it will be a complex task (In term of calculations).
    For theoretical calculations the diodes are serving a full...
  23. Closed: Re: Variable 60V DC to Variable 5V DC

    Use a voltage divider, just add two resistors, use this Calculator to check the exact value of output. Just insert the values of input and resistors and you'll get the output. For you case I did the...
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