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    Closed: Re: CML buffer advantages for VCO

    CML = current-mode logic?
  2. [General]Closed: Re: ON/OFF controller IC with retaining its state after power resume

    Possibilities for storing status during power-off:

    * A one-bit 'core' computer memory. A tiny ferrite donut has wires going through it. Magnetize it by a pulse of current. One polarity means 0,...
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    Closed: Re: Color sensor and Basys3 with VHDL

    Do you have a technique in mind that distinguishes between a red light or green light?
  4. Closed: Re: Where can I get my transmitter/microwave link tested

    A Ham radio set often is a lifesaver in times of emergency. Or else it can be called 'micropower' broadcast. (Those names sound better than 'pirate'.)

    'Homemade'... Whether you find an electronics...
  5. Closed: Re: 3 phase 400Vac 5000W Full bridge converter power factor correction Buck or Boost

    The rectified output is (in a manner of speaking) two split (bipolar) supplies. Together they create a voltage doubler to the 5kW load.

    Then as seen in your post #22, the graph of raw Ampere...
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    Closed: Re: fully digital pwm amplifier

    Sorry, I stated wrong. Instead...
    Given an amplitude value, divide by your desired maximum. The result is a proportion which gives you the relative length of the pulse.

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    Closed: Re: artificial Intelligence with plants

    An easier project might be to detect when fruits or vegetables are ripe. The camera should detect color, or else it should take multiple shots through red/yellow/blue filters in order to build a...
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    Closed: Re: Design of Comparator

    Do you mean a circuit which compares two unknown volt levels? A differential amplifier is used. Usually a long-tail pair does this job. You may need to experiment to find a good operating point so it...
  9. Closed: Re: Full bridge converter, how to improve crest factor.

    Your schematic appears to apply a modified sine wave to a series LC. I've played with similar simulations in a hope to find an easy way to regulate voltage. I found a problem because the LC tries to...
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    Closed: Re: 3 phase 3 wire measurement

    Perhaps the 3 sources influence each other in such a way that you can detect. Possibilities:
    * zero crossings
    * voltage waveforms
    * Ampere waveforms
    * peaks versus troughs
    * Does a supply's peak...
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    Closed: Re: fully digital pwm amplifier

    The numeric values in digitized audio (such as wav format) are amplitude readings. If you plot the numbers, the waveforms resemble what you'd see if you were to feed the audio to an oscilloscope....
  12. Closed: Re: Designing a simple Isolated DC/DC converter

    Absolutely right. It has inductors instead of capacitors. To make a 5v to 5v power supply, a buck-boost can do the job. However it inverts supply polarity. And it is not isolated.


  13. Closed: Re: BLDC controller stuck at load condition

    This attachment expired prematurely. Please post the diagram again, and submit your post quickly after uploading your image.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Note: It was by chance that I was able to...
  14. Closed: Re: how they simulate this 3 stages amplifier?

    The common emitter arrangement is typical in a Class A amplifier. In case a simulation will help, here is a basic amplifier providing over 200 gain.


    Frequency sweep is 50-500 MHz....
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    Closed: Re: 30w flyback not giving output.

    With a flyback it's very easy to generate high voltage spikes. The reason is because you're abruptly shutting off current through an inductor (in the transformer).
    Volt levels can reach several...
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    Closed: Re: Detect Reverse Polarity of Coil

    With 10 turns it might be enough to influence a compass needle. Try a known coil with the compass, then compare the effect of the unknown coil.
  17. Closed: Re: Help Needed to repair a CRT + pictures and info about the problem.

    This could be important since the sound might be high voltage arcing near the led. Suppose it's not the led at fault but intermittent cutoff of the power supply? Darken the room while watching for...
  18. Closed: Re: Measuring a voltage that is higher than supply voltage

    Some small amount of current needs to flow. Install a pulldown resistor, say between 50k and 500k ohm.


    - - - Updated - - -

    At left: No current flows. Notice voltage out is the same...
  19. Closed: Re: BLDC controller stuck at load condition

    Your switching system needs to do the same thing as the commutator in a brushed DC motor. The commutator does what it does automatically, because the forces of magnetic attraction pull the armature...
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    Closed: Re: LT3800 at > 10A output current

    Interleaved converters can be a variation on parallel converters. Gating is staggered so as to spread the burden. Multiple inductors might be less bulky, less heavy, less expensive, as compared to...
  21. Closed: Re: Danfoss AquaDrive 202 DC-Bus Over-voltage

    Does the motor have a load attached as it starts up? Does it turn slowly, possibly drawing excessive Amperes (which is common with many types of motors when running slower than normal)?

    Would it...
  22. Closed: Re: 3 phase 400Vac 5000W Full bridge converter power factor correction Buck or Boost

    It's not clear if you wish to produce 580-590v?

    In any case here is a way to arrange a buck-boost converter so it adds 40-50V above the 540v supply rail.


    The boost type adds the...
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    Closed: Re: pulsed power supply current delivery

    Below is a buck converter which peaks at 8.21 A internally.
    The power source sends smooth continual 2.27 A. It does not need to provide 8.21 A.
    The key is to use a type of input filter made from a...
  24. Closed: Re: how they simulate this 3 stages amplifier?

    Can we be certain whether it was drawn in a simulator? It has several markings and notations which suggest it was done in a drawing program for electronics.

    In any case a simulator is able to...
  25. Closed: Re: Cheap RF 433.92MHz design, PCB track antenna, values of capacitors

    I corrected my simulation so C4 connects at the other end of the antenna. As Brian points out it has a useful purpose to stabilize the power supply.

    Looking at your schematic I thought it...
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