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  1. Closed: Optimized MinCap, Minres values for 10 MHz amp simulation using Spectre

    Hi I try to do post-layout simulation using spectre.
    Because the entire chip size is very large, the calibre cell size extracted PEX is also large.
    So i want to set the Minres and Mincap value to...
  2. Closed: Too large .psf file generated by Post layout simulation using Spectre

    Hi, i have a problem in Post layout simulation using spectre.

    After transient simulation, the output .psf file is generated about 100 GB. But the outputs i defined in ADE setting is just 100 MB....
  3. Closed: How to get phase of par equations in HSPICE

    Hi i am using HSPICE and CosmosScope to simulate the circuit and to plot the data.
    I have a question how to plot the phase of par('equation')

    For example, the magnitude ' i(R1)+i(R2) ' can be...
  4. Closed: Accuracy of BJT Simulation in TSMC 180nm BCD process

    Hi, I am trying to design BJT circuit using TSMC 180nm BCD gen 2 process.
    It is my first BJT circuit. so i'm worried whether the fabricated circuit will work well as simulated or not.

    TSMC gives...
  5. Closed: What is the conditions for complementary BJTs

    Hi, i am trying to design on-chip output BJT amplifiers using a NPN and PNP BJT pair.
    I have a question for the BJT sizing (or choosing).
    For designing CMOS devices such as inverter, usually, the...
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