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    Closed: Re: High Input Current DC-DC Converter?

    You are correct. Synchronous type is more efficient and was the type recommended above. I kept my simulation simple by making it asynchronous, with diodes.
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    Closed: Re: What wire is this? Old 2009 TV

    Do you suspect a broken wire inside a connector? Try to unscrew the barrels on the plugs (called banana plugs in the USA). A broken wire could be gripped in a strain-relief, hence it doesn't...
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    Closed: Re: High Input Current DC-DC Converter?

    To follow up on the above suggestions, here's a simulation of quadruple interleaved boost converter. 24V supply stepped up to 60V 50A.


    As you can see it requires much greater supply...
  4. Closed: Re: Multiple pulse width ( 5 pulses ) inverter and lowest low order harmonics

    By definition the output which closely resembles a sinewave has the least harmonic content. Or from another viewpoint, the less filtering needed, the better.

    Here is my simulation which puts the...
  5. Closed: Re: Fourier analysis of 5 pulse MPWM ( multiple pulse width modulation ) for inverter

    I assume the filter is an inductor or transformer? The tendency is that voltage falls immediately after a pulse ends. I think the aim is to add a few brief pulses, to slow the drop.

    My simulation...
  6. Closed: Re: Insertion loss reduction for matching networks in PA design

    Hi - Your Attachment 156523 expired unexpectedly. Unless it is duplicated by your second attachment (thumbnail), you may post again with a new uploaded image, and submit the post without delay after...
  7. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: What are the names of these voltages for a 3-ph full-wave controlled rectifier?

    Hi - Your images navigate to an area of the All About Circuits website which requires an account. Please post again and upload each image to Edaboard as an attachment.
  8. Closed: Re: Low and high impedance of low pass stepped impedance filter

    Telephone companies found it practical to make 600 ohms a standard in various types of circuitry, equipment and measurements, going back decades. Thus 1k ohm or less is regarded as low impedance.
  9. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Differential amplifier measure -32V to +32V with single 3.V supply

    Easy method to attenuate and level shift. Two potentiometers mix a portion of the incoming signal, and a portion of the supply voltage.

  10. Closed: Re: Symmetric Source + 10V and -10V - help me !!

    To hold to the purpose of the thread title...

    Here is a simple method to create split 10V supplies from a single 12V supply. Two loads, each 800mA.


    Notice the new supply outputs are...
  11. Closed: Re: "Current" controle is a big issue using ClassD ?

    Yes, my simulation illustrates the concept in a simple circuit.
    Adjust component values to yield your desired range of frequencies. Add a half-bridge if desired. Make the power supply single-ended...
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    Closed: Re: Bldc motor phase power calculation

    Do you wish to see if you can detect whether current is in phase with voltage? Do you wish to adjust component values so as to reduce power factor error?

    This requires that you compare voltage...
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    Closed: Re: Small Project archery aiming assist

    I recall from my boyhood it's difficult to hold aim and release the arrow on-axis. Our tendency is to jerk the bow or the arrow at the moment of release, ruining our aim.

    This is a simple delay...
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    Closed: Re: [HFSS] What does N/A mean for delta S?

    'Not applicable' =usual meaning.
  15. Closed: Re: How power is conserved using tapped capacitor circuit ??

    There is the concept of two capacitors creating a capacitive transformer. Could that be the principle at work here? It would be easier to grasp the explanation if we could see working schematics,...
  16. Closed: Re: Capacitive Boost or Charge-Pump DC-DC Converter

    While I'm inexperienced at IC fabrication, it's obvious there are hurdles because your transistors need to turn on with a small supply voltage.
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    Closed: Re: reason for 50 Hz ac current

    Here in the US we have 60 Hz. It's easier to calculate and build gear mechanisms to drive clocks (60 seconds per minute, 60 minutes per hour, 12 hours on a clock face). 60 is evenly divisible into...
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    Closed: Re: current-mode boost converter UC3845

    I adjusted for a slower frequency, in order to bring out the appearance of ramping waveforms, and to help emphasize the massive Ampere levels.

    60 kHz operation may very well be correct, however...
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    Closed: Re: current-mode boost converter UC3845

    Simulation of simple boost converter with your spec supply and output, showing expected waveforms.


    Notice the peak Ampere levels needed to produce 12A at 36V output. Obviously it's much...
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    Closed: Re: 0.5w audio amplifier

    I suspect the big hurdle is to switch electronically between one signal and the other. I once tried to devise a method using diodes and transistors, to admit one signal and stop the other. I gave up...
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    Closed: Re: Reference for VCO and PLL

    A handy source comes from short wave stations which broadcast time beeps every second.
  22. Closed: Re: How to provide Current feedback connection cadence virtuoso

    This sounds like a role for the Norton op amp (3900 is a common type). It's associated with current-differencing applications.
  23. Closed: Re: "Current" controle is a big issue using ClassD ?

    Simple class D amplifier made from 555 timer IC. Apply audio signal to pin 5. Varying voltage at pin 5 alters duty cycle.
    Incoming signal needs to be shifted to positive polarity.


  24. Closed: Re: Phase and attenuation constant 1-D periodic structure using CST or HFSS

    Below is your zip file reworked so it contains only your cst project (94 KB). Post #1 still has the link to the research paper.
  25. Closed: Re: Phase and attenuation constant 1-D periodic structure using CST or HFSS

    Please convert your project files to a zip file. Upload as an Edaboard attachment.
    That is preferable to making readers click multiple times to view all items at your link.
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