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  1. Closed: When ad7321 collects voltage, a spike voltage appears

    When AD7321BRUZ collects voltage, a spike voltage appears at the input every time it is acquired.

    After the input is opened, the ripple voltage is shown in the following figure:

  2. Closed: [Moved:] STM32L072RBT6 IAP jump to APP interrupt no response

    When I use STM32L072RBT6, according to the interrupt vector mapping of CM0, use the following code; for example, my APP address: 0x08006000;
    I copy the interrupt vector table of this address to the...
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    Closed: Can ULN2003 drive two 6~9V DC motors?

    I want to make a car, use the driver module, just have a piece of ULN2003 on hand, just think about whether you can use this chip to drive, check the DATASHEET, the current of each port is 500mA, I...
  4. Closed: Share 2 electronic components procurement platform

    I bought a few AH211Z4-AG1 products, I haven't found them for a long time, and finally found them on

    My friend also recommended a platform for electronic components...
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