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  1. Closed: Re: Doubt in the concept of 3 phase thyristor based full wave fully controlled rectif

    its been a while since i did power, so i'm a little rusty:

    KlausST is right there are several issues (several things to discuss) in your post.

    if you follow the current path through the...
  2. Closed: Re: How to generate sine wave using Verilog?

    as FvM says, use the sign bit

    you specified sine and cos as signed values, so the square waves will be specified by sign + or -
    use a statement that checks the sign bit, as FvM suggested
  3. Closed: Re: How to generate Square wave from Sine wave in verilog ?

    same frequency?
    sketch the sin wave, then sketch the square wave on top of it. where along the sin wave if the square wave high? when low?
    now write the appropriate logic statements

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    Closed: Re: Multiplexer garbage values

    if the multiplexer is disabled, you apparently do not care about the sample voltage,
    so why does it matter if there is some output voltage? don't look at it

    presumably the microcontroller...
  5. Closed: Re: Heating a cuvette which is placed in a box.

    You might want to use aluminum instead of copper.
    Aluminum is less expensive, easier to machine and the thermal conductivity is not significantly different from copper.

    try a simple mechanical...
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    Closed: Re: Maximum vehicle speed.

    if this is a homework question, say so

    at your symbol rate, what is the time per symbol?

    how much time per symbol is a 5 degree shift?

    doppler shift: ...
  7. Closed: Re: components are stick together in pcb document

    not familiar with altium - taking a stab in the dark
    since you're looking at a pcb:

    if you have the schematic, check that each schematic component is represented by one component on the pcb
  8. Closed: Re: What are the meaings of the following Calibre warnings

    don't know anything about calibre
    taking a stab in the dark

    WARNING: Cell <cell name> is referenced but not defined. Empty cell used
    you used a cell name that was not previously defined.
  9. Closed: Re: Biasing an array of current steering DACs

    try this
  10. Closed: Re: Updating footprint in PCB window after being changed in PCB library

    try deleting the part in the schematic, then adding it back from the updated library
    that should bring in all new
    you'll have to do some routing again, but only 1 part
  11. Closed: Re: Biasing an array of current steering DACs

    i think you need to provide a fixed known current to each DAC individually
    so that the behavior of one DAC does not effect the behavior of another DAC

    more capacitance will likely increase start...
  12. Closed: Re: Scoping the post rectifier DC bus in a 240VAC , 100W PFC'd flyback

    i thought worst conditions were max line and minimum load, and minimum line and maximum load?
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    Closed: Re: Incident wave definition

    maybe you should explain a little more about what you want to do
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    Closed: Re: Incident wave definition

    incident wave is an incoming wave

    if one is far enough from any wave source (water, sound, EM), the incoming waves look like plane waves
  15. Closed: Re: Scoping the post rectifier DC bus in a 240VAC , 100W PFC'd flyback

    is there anything different in the variuos scope traces other than the voltage scale and the x10 scope probe and diff probe?

    you said its a 100W converter. what is the actual design level and...
  16. Closed: Re: Scoping the post rectifier DC bus in a 240VAC , 100W PFC'd flyback

    input frequency is 50Hz as seen by the 10 ms for 1/2 cycle

    what is the frequency of the PFC stage? i think you're seeing the switching
    stretch out the time scale and see if the "noise" looks...
  17. Closed: Re: Does the Razavi cover art make any sense?

    you're probably right about the two inputs of the op amp
    note however that all other connections have a dot on them

    as for the topology, its just cover art

    i think you'll be better off looking...
  18. Closed: Re: Resistor mismatch hand calculation and simulation

    There are several different ways to propagate error (uncertainty)
    This is one:

    For f(x,y,z), the uncertainty in f(x,y,z) is given by: ∆f(x,y,z)=f√((∂f/∂x)^2+(∂f/∂y)^2+(∂f/∂z)^2 )

    that is, the...
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    Closed: Re: Is it a transistor or a mosfet?

    see this thread;goto=newpost

    i200yrs started it on July 14 2019
  20. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Generating Sine Wave Through External DAC (STM32)

    you might calculate the values you want to send to the DAC external to the processor
    and program in 360 data points

    or as Susan has described, 90 points and be clever

    or, since powers of 2 are...
  21. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Generating Sine Wave Through External DAC (STM32)

    s[m] = 127+round( ( sin( I * 6.28/360) ) /0.02 )
    1 2 3 3 2 1

    by counting parenthesis, you can see that...
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    Closed: Re: Where does this equation come from?

    see the Wiki article:

    there are several references at the end
  23. Closed: Re: Resistor mismatch hand calculation and simulation

    standard deviation is not tolerance

    two resistors in series add
    the appropriate way to add the tolerance, or standard deviation is square root of sum of squares of (tolerance or standard dev) in...
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    Closed: Re: PIC Controller Hanging

    is the motor controller malfunctioning or is the display controller malfunctioning?

    what is different between the sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work?

    what is the criteria for...
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    Closed: Re: How can I parameterize the curve

    try a sphere - use the bottom half

    and put a cylinder on top

    what kind of coordinate system does the software use? ...
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