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  1. Closed: Re: ds1307 Rtc clock running slow by 6 second per day.

    My suggestion: try to use a better 5V power supply with decoupling capacities (as close as possible to the RTC).
    The DS1307 is very sensitive to the quality of its power supply.
  2. Closed: Re: Ds3231 RTC: temperature display (mikroC)

    Yes, because my post above is a (well-functioning) solution, not a question. I just wanted to help others, so I published it.
    Kind mods, please move this to the right place (I couldn't find any...
  3. Closed: [moved] Ds3231 RTC: temperature display (mikroC)

    On request I wrote a simple and fast function to display the temperature
    measured by the Ds3231 internal sensor.

    - no any floating operation (integer arithmetic only)
    - no any character buffer...
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    Closed: Re: 2x PMSM Motor Drive design in 100 Live Videos

    As I see this is a hard, very big but nice job. Thanks!
    Unfortunately, I don't have the time to watch long videos, but I know they may be useful.
    It would be good to see the whole project with the...
  5. Closed: Re: Not complicated calculator (STM32F0, WH1602, RPN)

    Nice (and hard) project, congrats.
    Regards, zuisti
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    [PIC]Closed: Re: VU meter (2x10 or 2x16 LEDs)

    Hi dahmano;
    I wrote such VU meter programs but in mikroC, not in mikroBasic. You can find them here, on the forum ...
    However, long ago I wrote VU programs using the Proton Basic (PDS).
    Now I...
  7. Closed: Re: A constant current source simulation using transistor: problem in Proteus

    Hi arnab913;
    Try to add GND (GROUND symbol) to your Proteus circuit.
  8. Closed: Re: Fast switching transistor with slow rise/fall times, why?

    This is an almost impossible "mission", the input pulse is too short.
    And know the usual rule:
    the transistor (used as a fast switch) should not be driven into the saturation range ...
  9. Closed: Re: Please explain my mistake related to 16 bit timer...

    Hi Garyl;

    I advise you to try it in reality. I've readed this somewhere:
    In Proteus the T0CON.TMR0ON bit works incorrectly in counter mode (ie if T0CON.T0CS = 1),
    but it's working in timer mode...
  10. Closed: Re: 16-stage stereo peak hold/decay VU meter (mikroC, PIC)

    Attached the expanded and improved version 2.1

    What's new ..

    - Two new projects:

    -- the 'one-line' stereo VU meter, in the "ONELINE" folder (see my post #2)

    -- On request a 2x10 LED...
  11. Closed: Re: How to Convert sprint layout(Ver.6) pcb files to either protel-99 SE or Altium

    Hi Andy;
    I do not know if it can be, but maybe that will help a little:
    Using this you can see and also print the lay6 file.
  12. Closed: Re: Is there is any chance to micro controller perform last task, when power ON/OFF

    Yes, I agree. And please note at least one EEPROM write command time (to store the status of the cycle). About 10 msec!
  13. Closed: Re: Voltage Selector Using PIC12F683 and PIC16F628A

    Hi mcmsat13;
    Do you know that the PIC16F628A does not have AD converter but only two analog comparators?
    Please study its datasheet.
    However, the PIC12F683 has a 4-channel 10-bit AD converter....
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    [AVR]Closed: Re: rf simulation in proteus

    Good luck!
  15. Closed: Re: 16-stage stereo peak hold/decay VU meter (mikroC, PIC)

    Hi schmitt trigger!
    I think you are more of an 'analogue' man (nomen est omen ;-)). For a long time I was also like you, too ...
    Thank you for your kind words.

    Welcome to the club (although I...
  16. Closed: Re: 16-stage stereo peak hold/decay VU meter (mikroC, PIC)

    So far 14 downloads and no any feedback (and no any thankyou :-( ), although I worked hard on it.
    I would like to thank someone for a better (more effective) peak-hold algorithm than what I wrote...
  17. Closed: 16-stage stereo peak hold/decay VU meter (mikroC, PIC)

    Compiler: mikroC Pro for PIC v6.01
    Proteus-only projects, using 2x16 LEDs and/or a 4x20 LCD

    I made four projects that are in different folders:
    16F88_LED............18-pin PIC, 2x16 leds,...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: PIC18F, change the watchdog wake up interval

    I think the FVM's advice (see above) is the good solution.

    Read this thread on the Microchip forum:
    It gives also an asm example, but says...
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    Closed: Re: Microchip PIC program problem

    Simple (not really accurate but working) mikroC solutions:

    void DelayV_ms(unsigned ms) {
    if (ms) {
    do {
    Delay_us(988); // experimental value
    } while (--ms);
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Interfacing LCD with PIC MCU

    Hi tajiknomi;
    I was looking for more than a hour the mistake. Finally I found it: the main problem was the missing ANSELA = 0; instruction :roll:. Without this the PORTA is malfunctioning (see the...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Interfacing LCD with PIC MCU

    My idea (not tried yet, sorry):
    Simply put a "LCD_EN = 0;" instruction to the end of your lcd_ready() function.
    Without the above it leaves the EN pin at HIGH level so the subsequent (the last !)...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Interfacing LCD with PIC MCU

    Do not mix the time-units, mikroC really does not have nanosecond (ns) delay libraries but it has microsecond (us) delays so use Delay_us(1) instead of every Delay_ms(1) which is unnecessarily long....
  23. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: HTS221 Humidity and Temperature sensing problem with MikroC and PIC

    Hi BiNa2605;
    As mentoined above, your I2C routines are completely wrong. Study this site for example:
    Or, try to use the Software I2C Library in...
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    Closed: Re: Need some help for pic12f675

    Hi uzzalpic;

    I did not study the rest of the code, but your interrupt function has a fatal error that causes the program surely does not work:

    void Interrupt(){
    if (TMR1IF_bit){
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    Closed: Re: 40x4 Lcd Not Working Help needed

    Hi Okada;

    . Seems your particular 40x4 LCD uses a different line addressing. Your wrote that it prints something (OK, in wrong lines but it can print characters), therefore the initializing is...
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