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  1. Closed: What are reasons why Blu ray players not completely replacing DVD Players?
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    what are Media processors..?

    are they concerned with Multimedia Systems Design & DSP ?
  3. Closed: Role of ASIC/CMOS: Mixed-Signal Circuit in Basic Signal Conditioning for Instrument

    op-amps & analog electronics, Analog to Digital Converters (ADC) and Digital to Analog Converters (DAC), Instrumentation Amplifiers, Multiplexer etc are used extensively in signal conditioning...
  4. Closed: Wants Detail about Types of Actuators used in Industrial Control Valves

    power electronics & actuators, electric machines & drives, Motor operated valves-MOV, types of actuators, difference between linear & non linear actuators, Role of Micro/Nano systems technology &...
  5. Closed: Where to find full product range in consumer electronics & personnel electronics..?

    I am start up enthusiast..I am exploring full range of products in consumer, entertainment & personnel electronics ..where can I search best resources ??
  6. Closed: Where can I find resources for signal conditioning circuits and instrument design?

    where to find resources for signal conditioning circuits and instrument design?
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    Closed: Applications of Audio Amplifier

    what are all possible applications of audio amplifier ?
  8. Closed: Difference Mobile travel charger/ power adapter/simple charger

    want to know exact difference between three
  9. Closed: OPC-Name is confusing..why only for process control..?

    When we wish to log data from any external hardware(not necessarily only PLC Industrial data) in our PC, we can use OPC which use Microsoft COM/DCOM technology.

    OLE/ActiveX is really at heart of...
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    Closed: what is power adapter ?

    How it is different from mobile charger & mobile travel charger ?
  11. Closed: Applications of Windows based OLE & ActiveX in logging data to PC

    Other than OPC server(COM/DCOM), Are there any other technique to log data to PC(Windows based) from remote device ?
  12. Closed: Want to know more applications of embedded system in office automation..

    Can we manufacture it with low investment ?

    Copy Machine, Fax, modem, smart phone system, printer, and scanners..etc etc136276
  13. Closed: Want to understand following specification terms for Home Theater 2.1

    Need to know exact definition of following terms..

    PMPO output, Source input, Frequency response, S/N ratio, Distortion, Output Power, Separation, Input sensitive, Hum-noise output, Satellite...
  14. Closed: Is Home Theater an example of embedded systems ??

    It has DSP board with audio amplifier for surround sound amplification.Many embedded systems use DSPs.

    It is mentioned that Audio...
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    Closed: Basic Power Electronic Question

    we all know--->Power electronics is the applications of solid-state electronics for the control and conversion of electric power.

    Power electronic converters - to modify the form of electrical...
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    Closed: Basics of Servo Motor/Drives

    How they are different from AC/DC Motors/Drives
  17. Closed: Looking for 2.1 Home Theater Technical specifications

    I am seriously interested in 2.1 Home Theater for entrepreneurship.As a part of homework, i want to study basics of Audio Engineering.Looking for 2.1 Home Theater Technical specifications
  18. Closed: Learning Tips for Basics of Mechanical Engineering with Mechatronics point of view

    Actually I am Electrical & Electronics engineer & very much interested in Automation & Mechatronics. As I am not from Mechanical background, I need to update myself in basic Mechanical concepts.
  19. Closed: Difference between Computer speakers, multimedia speakers, Bluetooth speakers ?

    How they are related with Home Theater speakers ??
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    Closed: How piezo actuators work ??

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    Closed: what is high-definition display ??

    How it is different from conventional displays ?? I am referring with Chromecast - digital media player developed by Google. The device, a 2.83-inch (72 mm) HDMI dongle, plays audio/video content on...
  22. Closed: Difference between Micro-electronics & Nano-Electronics

    Some institutes in India have separate programs in VlSI & Nanoelectronics..What is the basic difference..??
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    Closed: What is Opto-Electronics ??

    A field of technology that combines the physics of light with electricity. Optoelectronics encompasses the study, design and manufacture of hardware devices that convert electrical signals into...
  24. Closed: Difference between DSP based system, embedded system & Mechatronics system

    Most of Embedded training institutes teach DSP as one of the core subjects..
    While Mechatronics engineering curriculam also has DSP as one of the core subjects.

    I want to know what is difference...
  25. Closed: How important it is to study Modern Control System Engineering in Embedded systems ?

    ome universities keep this subject in their MTech program.

    It is mandatory in Robotic & Mechatronic to...
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