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    Closed: Re: Who writes the test cases in IC design?

    that is correct
    however, most things need several test cases to check functionality
    programmable devices need a LOT of test cases
    it is also unlikely that one can test every possibility in a big...
  2. Closed: Re: TRIAC Phase Firing Circuit Simulation using LTSpice

    as i read the triac data sheet, everything is relaed to MT1, which you appear to call T1
    it looks like you have the triac in (the simulation schematic) backward,
    it also looks like the polarity of...
  3. Closed: Re: Geometry query regarding rotation HFSS (random text to achieve 25 character limit

    HFSS is designed for electromagnetic structures
    maybe you should use a package designed for mechanical structures
  4. Closed: Re: Upgrading 12v peltier based refrigerator

    it goes back to what dick_freebird said
    "... but you need geometrically increasing size..."

    one device will cool to a certain point
    at that point, the cooling ability will be balanced by the...
  5. Closed: Re: Upgrading 12v peltier based refrigerator

    start with the small food freezer and let the peltier effect refrigerator go.

    the freezer will be more efficient and will freeze stuff that isn't frozen
    the peltier device becomes less efficient...
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    Closed: Re: Question about RL RC natural response

    you need to understand the circuit and the symbols therein

    what happens at t = 0?

    to solve the problem, you need to consider the circuit before whatever happens at t = 0 happens
    re-draw the...
  7. Closed: Re: Help design PCB motherboard for the cpu intel xeon W-10885M

    this may do what you want, since you want to build a pc with a xenon processor
    but it will not meet your form factor (note there may not be software to operate it)
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    Closed: Re: magic vlsi display units

    i'm familiar with microns

    i'm familiar with various uses of Greek lower case and upper case lambda,
    but not with lambda as a measurement of length.
    please describe lambda as a measurement of...
  9. Closed: Re: Problem with current loss with increasing length of wire

    have you tried running the motor with the battery with 25 centimeters of wire?

    you have specified the source (12V and 7Ah) what are the requirements of your motor?
    nominal voltage and operating...
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    Closed: Re: CRC Algorithms Basics

    are you building it, or are you dealing with an existing design?

    1) if you're building it, make sure the receiver (which is likely another MCU) will handle CRC
    if you're dealing with an...
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    Closed: Re: Oscilloscope Opinion

    do you need a hand held?
    Fluke makes a good handheld that looks a lot like the tektronix you posted
    or does the tek look like the fluke?

    the bench scopes are better and easier to use (imho) ...
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    Closed: Re: Ferrite Core Size Selection Method

    i cannot address your question directly, however:

    there is a fairly large tolerance in magnetics because of the tolerances of core
    material properties, different wire gauges, winding patterns,...
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    Closed: Re: Voltage reference for ADC

    there is only an LC filter between the two outputs.
    clean is cleaner than dirty, but maybe not so clean as one might think or want as a reference for an ADC.

    does the reference have to be 5V? ...
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    Closed: Re: 240A in a 50A Hall sensor?

    i used to work for a company that did this - large current one way, small current the other

    they used a high current diode in the forward direction with a small current diode anti-parallel
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    Closed: Re: 240A in a 50A Hall sensor?

    Allegro is most likely to be able to answer your questions authoritatively
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    Closed: Re: Low Frequency Noise Shielding Wires

    use twisted, shielded pair wires
    there are lots of varieties, here is one:
  17. Closed: Re: best location to place an analogue multipleoxor

    what is the supply range of your mux? your op amp?

    if the mux supply range and the op amp supply rnage is greater than +/- 4V, then mux than opamp then uP.
    since all of your samples are in the...
  18. Closed: Re: best location to place an analogue multipleoxor

    if all of your inputs are always in the same range and always get processes the same way, then mux first, and one op amp circuit

    if your inputs are not always in the same range and always must get...
  19. Closed: Re: How to test if a pseudo-random sequence is complete?

    it appears no one knows how to verify your system analytically

    or if they do know, its a secret
  20. Closed: Re: PCB Bus bar mounts for connecting bus bars to PCB ?

    how much current does each PWB provide - 6.6 A/42 or less than 0.2 A for each PWB?

    use a 20 gauge copper wire soldered to a PTH on the PWB and a screw terminal on the bus bar
    with a star washer...
  21. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Looking for equivalent ML4790 Adjustable Output Regulator

    the data sheet indicates end of life July 1, 2000

    try this:
  22. Closed: Re: AD628 Programmable Gain Difference Amplifier CMRR Testing

    page 13 of the specification shows the CMRR test set up.

    since you are not doing that, you should not expect the same results.
  23. Closed: Re: How to test if a pseudo-random sequence is complete?

    according to Wolfram Alpha, 2^256 is about 1.15 x10^77, with 78 decimal digits
    likewise, the time from the big bang is about 4.8 x 10^17 seconds

    if you started at the big bang, you would have...
  24. Closed: Re: If I can't find caps and resistors on Mouser, where's my next best bet?


    I found the two Nichicon's in about 1 minute.

    But as schmitt trigger said, you need to know the working voltage.
    you'll probably also want an idea of the case...
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    Closed: Re: Equivalent Resistor of a simple circuit

    i used a spreadsheet over 5 or six stages
    i got a resistance of about 6 ohms.

    it is fairly clear that each stage added is a larger resistor in parallel with one resistor of the earlier stages,...
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