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  1. Closed: Re: 300W SMPS with low input capacitance at the end of a 10km cable

    I'm just curious. Do your design require a "instrict safety" ?
  2. Closed: Re: Lock -in Amplifier/ tuned amplifier in DSP

    Tuned amps are a very narrow band, high gain amplifiers. They are practically filters.

    Noise is not an unwanted signal.
    We should look into whether it is really noise or not. Which parts...
  3. Closed: Re: Transimpedance amp for DC only (bandwidth limited)

    I think the reason is high capacity of the cable and noise propagation of ground loops.
    Cable shiled should be driven by a capacitance neutralization circuit. There is a lot of instrumentation amps...
  4. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Inductor quality value for switching regulators

    Yes, Let's say that is not completely correct.
    Most of the calculations that were used are for sine waveform. Why? Because of the Laplacian transform.
    How can we solve square waves? or different...
  5. Closed: Re: My FPGA Basys 3 Board is not showing output?

    There is two different type of Verilog statements "Synthesizable" and "Non-Synthesizable".
    Some of the Verilog expression are simulation only. Therefore your rom data wont be loaded into register....
  6. Closed: Spectrum analyzer range extension and usage

    Hi Folks;

    I want to learn to design RF circuits. However, I can't afford a decent spectrum analyzer but 1-2Ghz range cheap ones. (Rigol, Siglent, etc...)

    Is it possible to extend the frequency...
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    Closed: Can post new thread ?

    Hi Folks;
    It seems to me I cant start a new thread ?
    Am i missing something ?
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    Closed: Lattice FPGAs and Diamond software

    Hi Folks;

    I've been looking for a low cost, high speed(500MHz data aqu) FPGAs. I'm familiar with altera and quartus but I'm wondering about Lattice.
    I would be grateful if you could share your...
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