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  1. Closed: Re: P-N Junction

    Between the p and n part of the diode there is a potential difference. you could also ask a similar question: why is there no current flowing when making a diode-resistor-loop, so you could use a...
  2. Closed: Re: Electromagnetics

    whenever at any point in the space you have changing magnetic field you have curl of the electric field; you get generally non conservative electric potentials; so going a loop in space makes a net...
  3. Closed: Re: What is the voltage as shown in this circuit?

    neglecting voltmeter: if it is a real diode then i think it should be 12V, because no current flows and the only point where there is 0A current in a real diode is when the diode voltage is 0V and...
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    Closed: Re: Object size

    your eye "sees" the object under some angle;
    when object (or you or both) moves away this angle changes;
    as object goes more far this angle approaches zero;
    this is the angle a point produces;

    you write:
    "since in forward bias case there is no junction...."
    and thats wrong in my opinion; in forward bias case generally there is junction;
    you said it yourself, after threshold is only one...
  6. Closed: Re: request}question related to physics...........

    as it was formed from particles in a gas cloud the particles had an angular momentum.
    the sum of those angular momentum sums up to nonzero and does not change much, because almost no torque is...
  7. Closed: Re: probability question

    i would answer:

    since she visits them one after the other, there are two possibilities:
    1. D before S
    2. S before D

    these are the events.

    one of these possibilites will certanly occur, and...
  8. Closed: Re: physics of capacitors and inductors...can u help

    what you mean by it does not store energy? i always thought that capacitors and inductors save energy; the one is in electric field 0.5*C*V^2 and the other in the magnetic field 0.5*L*I^2;
    maybe i...
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    Closed: Re: power of 3

    if i understand you well you want to factor this term.
    if you really mean what you have written there then i can't help you; the reason is that its not a polynomial since "-0.05^s" (stop reading if...
  10. Closed: Re: purpose of name 'Einstein' in following equation

    Einstein derived this relationship in statistical physics.
    It's not only used in semiconductor physics; its a general relationship which is only used to model charge transport in solid state physics
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    Closed: Re: large signal?

    large signal: you look at the DC behaviour of your element, when your currents and voltages vary over the whole ( in general nonlinear) range.
    large signal is static behaviour. if you have only a...
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    Closed: Re: University of Darmstadt

    i think darmstadt belongs to the best universities in germany
  13. Closed: dlp home made demo

    i am still studying and i am not as experienced in making things as you.
    but i don't still really believe it is impossible; yes its a complex and precise system maybe.
    for all the guys here still...
  14. Closed: lcd projector, homemade

    There is a big community in Germany and Swiss dealing with it; try but its in German.
    What i like more is the idea to make it with DLPs. Here is a good flash demo...
  15. Poll: Closed: What should I study that is in demand now?

    I don't know what to study so i ask you what i should do.
    I am interested in all given options but i want to know where i have best chances.
    Thank you for your help.
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    Closed: Electronics or Control?

    Hi, i study electrical engineering in Germany.
    Now i can choose between electronics and control theory.
    I like electronics, but i don't know if i will find a good job.
    I heard that it's easier to...
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