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    Closed: Re: UART Transmitter by FPGA

    System clock frequency is 100 MHz(10 ns)
    For baud rate generator, 1/9600 = clk_max x 10 ns equation tells me the clk_max will be 10400 which’s defined in entity’s generic. For each state/bit,...
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    Closed: UART Transmitter by FPGA

    I want to send 8 bit data from FPGA to PC, 9600 baudrate, 8 bit data, 1 start&stop bit, no parity. I did coded my Basys3 Fpga and connected to PC. By using Tera Term, wanted to see how it works out....
  3. Closed: Re: Why my 2-digit counter w/VHDL didn't work?

    entity twodigitcounter_tb is
    -- Port ( );
    end twodigitcounter_tb;

    architecture Behavioral of twodigitcounter_tb is

    signal clk : std_logic;
    signal digit1,digit2 : integer range 0 to 9;
  4. Closed: Re: Why my 2-digit counter w/VHDL didn't work?

    Thanks for your response,
    Yes I did, I’d have done it with a single process and without using shared variable actully. Just wanted to see how it’s used.
    Do you think the code seems inaccurate?
  5. Closed: Why my 2-digit counter w/VHDL didn't work?

    Tryna see 00-99 counter in Xilinx Vivado's simulation.

    entity twodigitcounter is
    Port (

    clk : in std_logic;
    digit1,digit2 : out integer range 0 to 9
  6. Closed: Transfer function equation from Bode Plot

    Hi all, i need to get transfer function equation, i got bode plot automatically on OrCAD-Pspice. Is it possible to convert it to Matlab and get in it? Thanks in advance
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