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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Generic Advice needed on Grounding

    Yes, this would be really good. let me explore the options..

    SMPS sounds like a very good possibility.. I will try powering the circuit with a 9V battery and check the results.

    Thanks a lot...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Generic Advice needed on Grounding

    Thank you KlausST .. just to add one more point here, cables attached to the sensor are not shielded. I feel the source of noise is from the digital section because these sensors are extremely low...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Generic Advice needed on Grounding

    Hello Everyone,

    I am working on a sensor data aggregation system that have analog signal conditioning circuits and I-V converter circuits built from Op-Amps. Analog feed from each of this sensors...
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    Closed: Re: Simulate Flex-Rigid board in Hyperlynx

    One of the possible methods is to make two copies of your Flex-rigid PCB. The rigid part of the PCB is, say RIGID.pcb and the flex part is say FLEX.pcb. Generate two separate .hyp files from these...
  5. Closed: Re: PCB stack desigb for 3.3V and 1.18V power plane

    My two cents to the discussion. It is a normal practice to have GROUND layer adjacent to the TOP layer, and power layer adjacent to the BOTTOM in a 4-layer card.. just because bottom layer is most of...
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    Closed: Re: How to do Post Layout SI using Diptrace

    SI Analysis on a single-layer board ? are you serious ? why is it needed ?... moreover I just saw the DIPTRACE website for their products. I don't think they have a dedicated SI tool..
  7. Closed: Re: in orcad, pspice what model use for mosfet in high frequency???

    Please check the following link :, sheet 12 and onward. Also take a look at this old thread on EDA Board :...
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    Closed: Receiver Eye Mask for 10GBASE KR

    Hi There,

    We are characterizing a 10G-Bit Backplane Ethernet, and I am unable to find the receiver eye mask for the same. Is anyone aware of a standard eye mask for this ? Can you please share..
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    Closed: Re: Coupling Capacitance

    You cannot reduce the coupling Capacitance however, because the coupling capacitance is a function of permitivity, the spacing between traces and the length for which they run in parallel.

    I am...
  10. Closed: Re: resistors in temperature compensation circuit

    Aah, I understand your issue now. Again, this is not related to the package. You need to refer the "Temperature Coefficient" parameter of the resistor. Select the resistor with lesser ppm/deg C. Also...
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    Closed: Re: Need help finding a I2C chip

    Fine.. then this cannot be a simple MUX.. and also I am not sure if any COTS device exist to perform this logic. You may have to have a small programmable device with a look-up table that can output...
  12. Closed: Re: resistors in temperature compensation circuit

    How does it really matter if you are using a Thru-hole, or an SMD ? I think both should give same results.. It's only what thermistor you use will play a vital role and not really its package.
  13. Closed: Re: [Moved]What is Electric Dipole and Magnetic Dipole

    A pair of particles that are equal in strength, but trying to travel in opposite directions is refereed as a DIPOLE.

    Electric Dipole : A pair of equally charged particles, but in opposite...
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    Closed: Re: Need help finding a I2C chip

    Can you please elaborate ? This is a MUX, but what an I2C bus doing here ?
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    Closed: Re: Routing for analog signals

    Option 2 is always better. You can effectively isolate the analog route in Bottom layer from another analog route in the top layer by having a thicker dielectric material. On other hand, routing the...
  16. Closed: Re: Book on Embedded Hardware interview questions

    PCB Design for EMC by Mark I MOntrose is a fantastic book. But, please do not read this book just for the sake of interview, but read it to get good foundation for these topics.
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    Closed: Re: Downloading web site of Orcad 16.2 or 16.3

    LOL :-)

    @mallappat2011.... try open source tools on Ubuntu (You need to install Ubuntu- a flavour of Linux). There are plenty of them and many are as good as Orcad.
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    Closed: Re: "HOT-COLD GAP" meaning?

    Interesting one. I googled for this and found this article to be most useful to answer your question :

    Hot-Cold gap is the difference in conductivity of...
  19. Closed: Re: PCB schematic capture + layout software for Pandaboard (OMAP)-based design

    It's better to build your own library. Because even the most expsnsive Schematics/PCB tool might not give you an exhaustive set of library that covers almost every component.
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    Closed: Re: need help to install pads 2007

    What problems ? Please elaborate
  21. Closed: Re: Free PCB Design Tool for multi layer board design

    UBUNTU have gEDA PCB suite- which is pretty decent and capable of executing simple to medium complex cards and it's absolutely free for use. You may give a try
  22. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: what is the difference between Bring up, EVT, DVT

    Board bring up- To see if the Board is powering on properly, if all power rails are up and running, if all clocks are proper and if all Resets are correct. And then programming the devices and do a...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: connecting FPGA to via

    Which PCB tool are you using ? In PADS there is a novel way of doing that.
  24. Closed: Re: identifying results of layout and routing design in PADS

    Very simple.. you must have switched on the visibility of both 1st (TOP) and 2nd (BOT) layers. Switch off the visibility of TOP layer and check the 2nd layer
  25. Closed: Re: circuit design - ready for manufacturing - tips


    Let me try to answer some of your questions..

    1. Talk to your PCB fab and Assembly folks and know their process limitations and cost implications for various line widths, drill...
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