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  1. Closed: Re: add more types of Place page-off connector

    The off page connectors are in the CAPSYM.olb library. First, make a copy of this library in the event you mess it up.

    The easiest way to add a new connector is to open the library, load one of...
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    Closed: Re: OrCAD Capture rigid flex

    Then you will need to create one.
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    Closed: Re: OrCAD Capture rigid flex

    You'll need a connector on the left side as well. The flex/PCB footprint for the connector on the left will be the fingers.
  4. Closed: Re: layout design of an adapter using Altium

    Personally, I would center the route from P2.37 where it runs under the connector. This could be eliminated by running P2.33 to P3.2 route on the back

    You need to put the P1.15 and P1.16 thermal...
  5. Closed: Re: layout design of an adapter using Altium

    It's a 7Zip archive.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'll preface to say I'm an EE that does design work by profession but PCB layout by necessity.

    You can probably clean up some of the routes by using...
  6. Closed: Re: Reflective area detection - optical lap counter

    Optical reflective sensors have both illumination and detection. I would suggest an analog version and detect the relative change in output voltage of the shiny spot vs the other part of the...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Do I need footprint if I will just simulate in protues?

    The footprint is only used for the PCB. It's not required for design layout or simulation.
  8. Closed: Re: I can't find a PCB package for a transformer in Proteus 8 ?

    It would be good practice to learn how to build one yourself.
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    Closed: Re: Multi. Microcontroller design

    Keep the data in byte form (~50% less data movement than ASCII, no interpretation required on board 1). Create a data packet scheme to send data and requests to board 1. To keep things simple, maybe...
  10. Closed: Re: USB-C connector: Can I use it just as a connector for another purpose?

    In the past, the company I work for has used SATA cables for non-SATA purposes because the signal integrity of the paths and the connectors are somewhat robust. Now, we are using USB 3.0 for the same...
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    Closed: Re: Placing crystal inside chip

    Depending on the height of the components underneath and the type of socket, yes.


    Not so good
  12. Closed: Re: Brief List of 8 bit pic micro's and their features
  13. Closed: Re: best practice for orientation of wired linear plugs (JST SH)?

    For me, the best practice is to put the connectors where they need to be. Usually, that will be along the periphery of the PCB along the edge that is closest to where the other end of the cable is...
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    Closed: Re: Learining PCB design from basics

    If I understand, the LCD will be soldered into this board? Why not change the footprint to just the 16 pin connector? You can add the LCD outline to a mechanical layer if needed but as far as the PCB...
  15. Closed: Re: Resistance in Series for LED connected to Microcontroller

    If this is for an actual application, something else to consider is how much current the microcontroller can source. In some instances, it may be able to sink more current so you would connect your...
  16. Closed: Re: Manually route inside OrCAD Layout with no netlist installed.. possible ?

    I don't see how you can even get into the editor without a netlist of some kind. If you have figured that part out, you can use the obstacle commands to create free tracks on a copper layer. It would...
  17. Closed: Re: GUI programming for instrumentation application

    LabWindows/CVI (LabView like with a C interface)
  18. Closed: Re: Can you buy thin flexible sheet to dim LEDs under test and make them less blindin

    I've used tinted anti-static bags that I get from the vendors supplying the PCBs being tested.
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    Closed: Re: Need to log in each day for some reason

    Yep. That fixed it. I changed my shortcut to
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    Closed: Need to log in each day for some reason

    For the past few days, I've had to log in to the board each day where I have gone months and months without needing to. I check the remember me box but still need to log in the next day. Also, when I...
  21. Closed: Re: Does proteus support c language is there in way around it

    Convert your code to the new method.

    New method for RC0 is PORTCbits.RC0 (or LATCbits.LATC0).

    Use PORTCbits.RC0 for input and LATCbits.LATC0 for output

    Also, the compiler is case-sensitive.
  22. Closed: Re: Does proteus support c language is there in way around it

    There was a change in the headers some time back. You are using the old method. You have 2 options. Convert your code to the new method or #define _LEGACY_HEADERS to use the old.

    New method for...
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    Closed: Re: UART2 is not working on pic18f46k22

    Try this. Do your own BAUD calculation.

    This should work for UART1 on a 44pin TQFP. Change ANSEL and TRIS bits if your UART comes out on different pins

    void Init_RS232(void) {

    // RS232...
  24. Closed: Re: Why does BLCD are more popular than AC motors in robotics?

    I wasn't sure myself so i did a quick Google. This is from a radio controlled model race care forum so the scaling to industrial robotics may be different but it will give a start in your...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Designing wide-band RF power Amplifier

    5dB seems pretty high. From a return loss chart, that's a 3.5:1 mismatch with 1/3 of the input power being reflected. Back in my RF days, 12dB was what we went with but that was at 900 MHz.
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