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    Closed: Re: How much can TO-220 handle?

    I not sure, I’ve never run across that before or never noticed, If I had to guess if you stick with there previous definition of ”E” as energy and units are milliwatt (mWs) you shouldn’t pluralize...
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    Closed: to220 power handle without cooling

    It can handle as much power as you want as long as you keep the junction temp below the rated maximum at worse case extremes. This means you need a suitable sized heatsink and maybe forced air (fan)...
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    Closed: transformless power supply

    I’m in the process of a similar conundrum. Mine is 90-140VAC in 12VDC-15VDC out 5mA. I considered a shunt and a discrete HV regulator but thought I’d run through a transformer less PSU.

    A couple...
  4. Closed: overshoot smps

    This is how I assumed a large inductor was used.You had only 15mohm DCR for your inductor in the sim.

    Along those lines there are IC's that control a high side P-FET gate dv for inrush...
  5. Closed: boost smps inductor

    With some further thought I would also omit your start-up diode D6 as FVM already suggested. The combination of your source impedance and cap esr as well as the DCR of a more practical inductor would...
  6. Closed: soft start boost smps

    I would first start out with just a bare bones cct. There will be patristic RCL in your actual layout caps have esr,source impeadance etc. Your inductor is grossly over sized if it actually only has...
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    Closed: Re: Is gain/phase analyzer needed?

    As already pointed out by FVM yes he does.

    I know all about Ridely (Dixon ,Brown etc) he is a good EE and a shrewd business man it wasn’t meant as jab.

    I’m not saying it’s not a good tool...
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    Closed: ap300 used bode

    Well if I made freq/analyzer every other method would be inadequate too!!

    It helps with sales.

    Maybe you missed this at your switching power magazine site. Look under parts (equipment), lo and...
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    Closed: gain phase analyzer application

    Well if you consider it so critical to successful SMPS design Buy one!

    We agree to disagree.

    There are thousands of SMPS’s out there that have been working for years without the use of a gain...
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    Closed: ridley matlab smps

    But how can you be sure without your Gain -phase analyzer?;)

    What is the person who designed this saying about your conclusions ?

    Hysteric controllers under certain conditions have funky gate...
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    Closed: ridley ap300

    Assuming the company has been in business for a while. How have they gotten by without a VNA for all that time? I haven’t used one since school.

    If you are just supposed to do environmental...
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    Closed: gain phase analysis

    I think you are too hung up on compensation and stability etc. It makes for a nice thesis topic , but usually if you follow the manufacturers suggestions for compensation mathematically and tune...
  13. Closed: Re: 120VDC to 12VDC and 5DC

    If you don't want to use a Buck or a discrete linear regulator you could use this.

    TL783C HV three terminal regulator.

    These are under two bucks....
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    Closed: how does boost converter work

    One thing you may want to do is put a Diode suitably rated from input to output. The diode will conduct at start-up charging your output capacitors. This will minimize the stress on your HS Fet (M3)....
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    Closed: boost converter diode

    Flip your high side mosfet around so the drain is at the output.For n-fets the source must be more negative then the drain or the body diode conducts. You could also use a p-fet for your high side...
  16. Closed: Re: "Single conductor", noisy serial comms with op

    Your pretty limited if thatís all you have to work with. In an extremely noisy environment the best solution is dedicated returns star grounding, shielding and twisted pair. You can also get optos...
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    Closed: high side driver bootstrap

    Hi santom

    Read through slup169. They have discrete solutions for HS driving as well as IC.

    HS driving starts on page 20.
  18. Closed: Re: 12V to 5V step down using LM1085 regulatot IC

    The regulator mentioned is a quasi LDO and it clearly states on the first page how to determine Vout for an adjustable version. This assumes you have the adjustable version.
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    Closed: to92 power dissipation

    No your way off. The 78xx series need about 2V headroom to maintain regulation so your input voltage should be minimum 7V.

    I donít know what your doing with the zener?

    Ianp gave you the correct...
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    Closed: capacative power supply

    Definitely not,there is no isolation!

    These regulators are meant to be in an enclosure with no possible way a user can come into contact with it. As long as this is the case they have there uses .
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    Closed: gating circuits of mosfet by orcad simulation

    Set an initial condition for the bootstrap capacitor.
  22. Closed: Re: LED current regulation

    If somebody goes through the time and expense for a constant current source I assume equal current through each string is important. If this is the case then at this point why not just do it properly...
  23. Closed: Re: LED current regulation

    I think you may as well just use 1 current limiting resistor in each string, it would probably give equal performance as your current setup.

    The best way is what Kral suggested regulate each...
  24. Closed: Re: Zero crossing

    How does that work with 60Hz slow moving waveforms? Is it possible to detect just the falling edge zero cross?

    Iíve read of doing it using the internal ESD diodes in PICís never tried it yet...
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    Closed: basso spice flyback

    It is Basso's new book.


    Authors page
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