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  1. Closed: Free Assembly for 5 PCBs at Seeed Studio Fusion

    FREE assembly for 5 PCBs! Yes, you read that right! No set-up fee, no assembly cost, no operation fee, plus FREE shipping!! Check out the special offer page here:...
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    Closed: Advanced PCB Prototype and Fabrication

    Seeed Studio Fusion Launches Advanced PCB Service for Demanding Customers: Designs of up to 50 Layers, 10oz Copper Weight, Specialised Vias including via-in-pad, Microvias and Plugged Vias, High...
  3. Closed: FREE PCB & Free Express Shipping for PCB Assembly

    Are you looking for prototype pcb assembly services? Then you should not miss this great chance: in celebraction
  4. Closed: Circuit boards made cheap and fast with only $7.9 for 10 pcs !

    Seeed Studio Fusion are offering their services at 20% off.

    It means you can get 10 PCBs printed for $7.9.

    Thats $0.79 per board.

    The offer is only valid for one week, from this page: ...
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