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    Closed: Re: Mixer Design for RF Transmitter

    What range of input and output frequencies do you want it to work over?
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    Closed: Re: RFID and distance measurement

    Maybe an ultrasonic sensor will work, if someone is holding the rfid tag it will detect their hand as well.

    The return magnetic field variation from the rfid tag varies a lot depending on the...
  3. Closed: Re: urgent help me for downloading hfss files , i m ban

    You have to be logged in to edaboard to download files here. If you are not logged in it gives an error message saying that you are banned, it is a confusing error message.
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Questions about Windows 10

    Also the "feature" of windows 10 devices being able to automatically allow the users "friends" on skype, and facebook access to whatever wifi networks the device is connected to. Your...
  5. Closed: Re: frequency sweep & single frequency using lpc2148(SPI) => ADF3450

    Presumably you mean an ADF4350 from Analog Devices.

    That is a very general question so you get a general answer:
    Presumably you aim to build a device?
    There are a few examples of projects built...
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    Closed: Re: What is operating frequency of BD 139

    Show the schematic.
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    Closed: Re: Mikro C CODE for boost converter

    I assume it is a student exercise, not intended for a real product.

    Do you have real hardware or are you trying to simulate?

    What crystal frequency are you using?

    A few things from a quick...
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    [General]Closed: Re: 17 Bits Microcontroller

    Please give a link or full description for the specific LCD panel that you want to use.

    People here will assume that you mean an LCD with a built in controller. I wonder if you are talking about a...
  9. Closed: Re: Audio transmitter - two receivers suggestions

    The main thing you can get wrong that will sound a bit odd is to have the left and right channel out of phase, ie one loudspeaker is pushing the air when the other is pulling the air. If the...
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    Closed: Re: Class-E Power amplifier

    It is intended to operate at 50MHz? (input waveform has 20nS period).
    L1 and C3 are series resonant (lowest impedance) around 500MHz.

    I think you need to redesign so L1 and C3 are series resonant...
  11. Closed: Re: Need Help for Digital AM Receiver Design

    Nobody uses 1MHz wide AM. Are you talking about something like 64-QAM ?
  12. Closed: Re: RF Basic & Antennas tutorials(2.4GHz/5Ghz)

    How far do you consider to be "long distance"?
    Do you want your equipment to be legal for unlicensed use?

    2.4GHz is generally unsuitable for long distance use because there are many other users.
  13. Closed: Re: Fix output current independent of the load

    The question is unclear.

    Resistive load only or partially capacitive/inductive load?

    Average/rms current over the repetition of a waveform or instantaneous current?

    If you have a resistive...
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    Closed: Re: using 3G modem from desktop application

    The three ports are usually "modem", "3G Application Interface", "3G PC UI Interface"
    Some older 3G cards have two ports for modem and application interface.

    I think it is so that the software...
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    Closed: Re: SIM900A network registration problem

    Region restrict:
    from version 1137B06SIM900A32_ST, operation in the countries listed in
    the table below are supported.

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    Closed: Re: Can't open website with its IP address

    The Cisco website use the Akami content distribution network. You can look up those ip addresses in whois and see they belong to Akami.
    Akami have servers all over the world, you are directed to the...
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    Closed: Re: 2g mobile network connection

    The difficulty depends on what device you use to connect to the mobile network.
    Wavecom modems made in the last few years have tcp/ip support in the modem, you can make a single http connection by...
  18. Closed: Re: Best way to build a voltage controlled current source

    To deliver 100mA into 100Kohm you need 10000volts and an output power of 1000 watts.
    That is RMS so for a sinusoidal signal you need 14000volts peak, positive and negative.

    Even 100mA into 1Kohm...
  19. Closed: Re: How does the ethernet cable communicate between the computer and router?

    The details of communication over ethernet are fairly complex.
    The usual choice for a hobby project is an arduino with an ethernet shield, that makes it fairly easy.

    The data encoding is...
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    Closed: Re: Relay Drive without using transistor

    You are taking about a capsense device from Cypress semiconductor?
    A little device that detects when a person touches a contact, a switch without moving parts.

    The datasheet says that a GPIO pin...
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    Closed: Re: Cellular VPN Access Using SIM900

    I think that you will need a separate processor running software that implements the VPN protocol that you need.
  22. Closed: Re: Replacing PLL with a ramp signal and clock

    You have not given enough information for us to give useful answers.
    Please describe what you want to do in more detail.
    What is the purpose of the output signal?
    What is the input frequency to...
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    Closed: Re: Using VCO to drive an antenna

    The second harmonic level is about -33dBm so it might not pass spurious emissions testing for FCC or european approval.
    If EIRP is measured it might pass or fail depending on antenna cable loss and...
  24. Closed: Re: How to design an antenna for undersea communication

    Are you sure you want to use radio waves, not sound waves?
    What frequency do you plan to use?
    What range are you hoping to communicate over?
    Click here for a page with a graph of loss per meter...
  25. Closed: Re: Can I run lingoes dictionary in Fedora 14?

    That appears to be windows software. It might work using the wine windows compatibility software, or it might not.
    You will only know by trying it. You will have to read the...
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