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    Closed: Re: s parameters for small length wires

    As a crude method to simulate you can use a stripline element, make Er =1.0, the Thickness &width = the diameter of the wire, L = 1cm , and the substraight
    height will be your closest ground...
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    Closed: Re: Input power for IP3 calculation

    You should take an IP3 measurement at ~10dB backed off from the PA's / RF Chains P1dB point. Thus reduce the I/P pwr till the O/P pwr is ~ 10dB lower than the P1dB point.

    You need to be in the...
  3. Closed: Re: Agilent e4438c baseband I/Q signal source frequency question

    From memory.
    You need to create a file of the modulated waveform (Look at the literature from Agilent on how to do that ). Once you have the file in memory you select the segment/waveform. On the...
  4. Closed: Re: Help to confirm this simple math calculation with dB's

    I think there was a misnomer .
    dB vs dBm

    dB is a ratio , and dBm is a power referenced to 1mW.

    So 60dB + 60 dB is not a clear statement. Unless you mean a factor of 1000 + another factor of...
  5. Closed: Re: How to convert the tabular data into EXCEL sheet in AWR Microwave Office(MWO).

    Just open excel, then Click "File" -->"Open" Search for this file, and open it. Then select the "Delimited" option, and click next. Then select if you need Tab, Comma, Space, or Special Charter
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    Closed: Re: Impedance matching using resistors?

    These are called "Min-Loss Pads". There is a minimum amount of loss that you must incur when going from one
    Zo value to another.

    Here is a good tutorial....
  7. Closed: Re: Agilent ADS 2011.01 installation problems

    Did you go in to "Reg Edit" and make sure the ADS software was deleted from there too ?
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    Closed: Re: Help with ADS Layout

    You can export your ADS file as a DFX, then Import that DFX file in to a PCB Layout program, and do you partitions in that program.
  9. Closed: Re: how find S12 or S21 in a 2 port structure with HFSS?

    Your question is not too clear. First it sounds like you have a 3-port network, and depending on which port you
    consider the input and output you might want S23 or S31....

    You should show a...
  10. Closed: Re: Need help to understand simulation results of rectifier circuit in Agilent ADS 20

    I think you have a few issues.
    1) The TL1 is acting as a matched load at the input of your circuit, and TL 2 and the Didoes ect is in parallel so
    that will cause a mismatch.
    2) Your third...
  11. Closed: Re: I need HFSS proffesionals in this topic ..

    First you should always search this website for your question. Then after you find all the
    info that has already been given, form a better question that has not been answered.
  12. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Idea Transmission line in ADS: single ended, why ?

    When you use Strip lines / TL you will have to put the substrate information on the MSUB. This defines an
    assumed return path on the ground plane.
    Just go make a 1Lamda Zo TL in the schematic...
  13. Closed: Re: how can i adjust the resonance frequency of the printed dipole ?

    With out more info all answers/suggestions a based on assumptions !

    So if you have this antenna on a PCB you can changes the εr to a higher number. This will reduce the
    length of λ so with the...
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    Closed: Re: Impedence Matchin using SMITH CHART

    Here is a good tool to use.

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    Closed: Re: Coupled Line BPF Problem

    You need to realize that a 1/2 λ at 1.6GHz is ≡ 1λ at 3.2GHz, so this effect will always be true. You can
    add a LPF that Rolls off at ~ 2.3GHz.

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    Closed: Re: Passive BPF return loss improvement

    Are you planning on using discrete components for this ? If yes, then you need to first go find a vendor for that 0.307pF Cap.
    You will most likely find a 0.3pF Cap ±.05pF which will most likely...
  17. Closed: Re: "Impedence matching methods" for power amplifier

    There are different needs for Power Amps, so you can match them in different ways to achieve you deign requirements.

    i.e. If you are doing FSK, FM, or PSK you can use a Class C amp and intend to...
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    Closed: Re: Basis Functions in HFSS

    I don't understand your application, it seems odd. What is your Frequency for the signal ?

    Go look up Quarter wave Transformers. If you have a lot of "Sub_wavelength" wires in
    series/parallel ...
  19. [SOLVED]Closed: Re: Using Manufacturer S-Parameter data - question.. 2 to 20GHz

    Typically the S-Par's are just the IC (all connector/jigs are De-embedded).
    The Test jig is typically what the Manufacturer uses to get the performance
    that they describe in their data sheet.
  20. Closed: Re: How to use ADS for analyzing and simulation microstrip filter...

    For small signal analysis & Discrete components use the Schematic S-Parameter, but you can
    also simulate the layout of a filter (assuming it's not discrete components) , by using Momentum.

  21. Closed: Re: How to simulate a PCB design for EM effects in ADS

    If the other suggestions have not worked for you, you want to say the ALTUM file
    as a DFX file , then import that to Momentum. It might not have the er, # of layers,
    etc.. imbedded in the DFX,...
  22. Closed: Re: Hello everyone, I would like to ask one question about LNA for LTE standard.

    When you look at the equations for Noise one of the Biggest contributors is Bandwidth.
    Also it is easier to get better performance out of an Amplifier in a narrow bandwidth.

    Go look at the...
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    Closed: Re: Passive BPF return loss improvement

    One "Trade off" you can make is to put a matching Pad around the filter. You will loose power but for every 1dB of loss
    you will get 2dB of RL.

    As Biff44 said there are a lot of questions you...
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    Closed: Re: 2.4 GHz RF Transmitter

    This should be easy to fine just g00gle. But you should do a quick line up to see if you can get there with one amp.

    For example Assume the following:
    InPut Pwr ...
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    Closed: Re: RF noise from microcontroller oscillator

    It's hard to say with out seeing the layout, but I would suggest that you put a ground shield around
    the BB fltr(I/Q path) , and if you route any digital lines around the RF path make sure they...
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