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    Closed: How to install Perl PDL module in WinXP?

    Dear friends,

    I've downloaded and tried to install all the versions available from PDL-2.4.1 to PDL-2.4.3 in Windows XP but none of them successful. (official website)
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    Closed: antenna array matlab code

    The working link to the codes should be:

    More information about the ebook itself:
  3. Closed: s-parameters mom

    Dear Jian:

    Thanks a lot for your information. Is your thesis named as "Electromagnetic Modeling of Microstrip Circuit Discontinuities and Antennas of Arbitrary Shape" ?

    Really unfortunate that...
  4. Closed: how to calculate s parameters

    EM solvers like HFSS, CST MWS, IE3D, ADS Momentum etc can easily calculate multi-port S-parameters over a large frequency range. Does anyone implemented or knows the detailed similar algorithms to...
  5. Closed: Help: fiber optical LED modeling(models) and drive circuits

    Dear all:

    I've tried to google for the LED(plastic optical fiber light sources) modeling methods or spice models in the past few days and found nothing useful. If you have relevant information or...
  6. Closed: Re: Ground ring setup when simulating inductors in HFSS


    Anyone here can help to answer my questions regarding "password" and "gap" I raised in my last post? (just one-level above this post).

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,
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    Closed: skin effect rdc

    Hi, rautio:

    Yeah! I do agree with you that this kind of explanation is kind of "unconventional" if it is really the case and the developer of this tool do not consider it as a "bug". Actually I...
  8. Closed: Re: need this:plot BER curve vs receive power extrapolation

    Hi, francx:

    According to my understanding,when people deal with experiment data by pre-processing the data with a scale of log, they make nonlinear data linear to facilitate analysis. Regarding...
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    Closed: pure ac resistance

    Hi, Rautio:

    I totally agree with you that the real-life(phycially true) R(ac) is not separable for a specified object. The reason I quote "Rdc+Rac" considered as R(ac) by someone is only a way to...
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    Closed: effect of resistance in ac

    Dear all:

    I've ever encountered the same problem long time ago when I used the Q3D version 5 to extract RLC of a 3D structure. It gives me Rac<Rdc which is physically not true. Till today, I still...
  11. Closed: Re: Ground ring setup when simulating inductors in HFSS

    Dear all:

    Out of curiosity, I registered and downloaded the design kit. However, I found that a password is needed to access the designer project. Anyone knows what is that? If I do not use the...
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    Closed: Re: Simulating Spiral Inductors

    Hi, magneto_cool:

    Your suspect is right as the reported Q factor of spiral inductors on Si substrate with inductor value of several nH is absolute less than 20 even with a lot of Q-boost...
  13. Closed: optical ber theoretical plot maxim


    Assume you have the data ready for:

    LOP Log(-Log(BER))
    x1 y1
    x2 y2
    xn yn
  14. Closed: spi interface to parallel port

    Dear all:

    If you have interest in the possible solutions, see below link for discussions:

  15. Closed: pc parallel port spi

    Hi, IanP:

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    It would be better if you can give more details on this figure such as suitable parts(part number) of the transistor.

    Actually, after intesive searching...
  16. Closed: pc parallel port with spi


    Anyone have the reference design/recommendations for an interface circuit between the PC parallel port and a device using SPI protocol? The main purpose of the interface circuit is to convert...
  17. Closed: spi voltage


    Anyone have the reference design/recommendations for an interface circuit between the PC parallel port and a device using SPI protocol? The main purpose of the interface circuit is to convert...
  18. Closed: Help: Where can I get the 3.125Gbps CDR chip/eval board?

    Dear all:

    Anyone here knows where can I buy the CDR(clock data recovery) chip which work at 3.125Gbps?

    Thanks in advance for your information!

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    Closed: bonding wire inductor

    The D=10um bonding wire is too thin. According to my experience, a typical diameter of 0.98mil/1mil/1.2mil(1mil=25.4um) gold wire is widely used in industry applications. As such, a very good rule of...
  20. Closed: Ebook? "DIVINE PROPORTIONS: Rational Trigonometry...&am

    Hi, Anyone read the book "DIVINE PROPORTIONS: Rational Trigonometry to Universal Geometry".

    It is said that this book is very interesting in the sense that it proposed a revolutionary way to...
  21. Closed: Re: [questio]what relations between data rate and spectrum w

    The best way to get the most accurate result is to transform the time-domain signal into frequency domain using discrete fourier transform(DFT) and take a look at its power spectrum.

    If a good...
  22. Closed: scattering parameters of transmission line

    Hi, Winglj:

    If you are using EM solvers to get the S-parameters, the solver should be able to calculate most of the transmission line parameters for you like Z0,γ, time delay, effective ε ,...
  23. Closed: Re: The copper thickness-->affect the PCB antenna and RF


    I do agree with Mr. sergio mariotti that "losses depends on Cu roughness, penetration thickness (very smaller that Cu thickness) and Dielectric losses etc." However, I don't quite agree...
  24. Closed: Re: Ring resonator filter design/synthesis methodology?

    Hi, Eyalc:

    I'm still trying to reproduce the design chart. Please do let each other know if one of us successfully get the results.

    I tried Ansoft HFSS and Ansoft Designer, they gives similar...
  25. Closed: coupling coefficient extraction hfss

    Hi, rf100:

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    Actually I've referred to the first book: Microstrip filters for microwave/RF circuits and I'm tring to re-produce some of the results presented on...
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