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  1. Closed: Re: To which standards must we conform for our electronics/electrical product?

    Start a discussion with a certified EMC lab. They should be able to tell you what EMC-related standards you should follow for different markets.
    Hopefully they can also give information, or at least...
  2. Closed: Re: Using calculated CRC as seed for the next CRC calculation

    You should just feed more data into the crc module.
    Apply the new data and crc_en='1' for one clock cycle.

    Do you really need to process 256 input bits per clock cycle?
    You will get the same...
  3. Closed: Re: Implementation of a MUX for selecting from 2 different sets of inputs

    At the lowest level there will be one MUX per output bit, so there is not much to optimize.
  4. Closed: Re: Unable to run the simulation correctly ( Modelsim )

    In pulse_detector, you assign values to event_pcounter in two different always blocks. When they assign different values you get the 'x' in simulation.
    Only assign from one always block.
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    Closed: Re: pcie hard ip altera- latency problem

    The latency can vary a lot in the real world, and it seems normal in your case. I think your state machine should be able to handle latencies up to about 10 us.
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    Closed: Re: Switching regulator peak current

    Don't use % values.

    Eq 1 D = 1 - (8 * 0.7 / 25) = 0.776
    Eq 2 ΔIL = (8 * 0.776) / (1.2M * 6.8u) = 0.76A
    Eq 3 Imax-out = (4 - 0.76/2) * (1 - 0.776) = 0.81A
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    Closed: Re: Verifying Large ASIC

    The top level test bench should focus on connectivity. All wires/signals between the modules must be verified, but the possible values/combinations are too many to be tested.
    Make sure that you can...
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    Closed: Re: HP 54520A Blown Fuse Problem

    Try to connect an old-fashioned light bulb instead of the fuse. If you are lucky the light bulb will stay off until the problem happens, and it will turn on when the fuse normally blows.
    If it stays...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: bjt safe operating area diagram

    It is a typo. The upper one should be 1.0
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    Closed: Re: Lattice FPGAs and Diamond software

    THe ECP5 family can be clocked above 200 MHz for the logic.
    For the I/O you can have at least 400 MHz DDR = 800 Mbit/s per pin.

    The Diamond software is not as good as what Xilinx and Altera have....
  11. Closed: Re: P mosfet turns on/voltage at drain during powerup

    Remove C139. You should not have a capacitor between gate and drain.
    When you press the button, C136 and C139 form a capacitive voltage divider that will switch on the MOSFET for a while.
    If you...
  12. Closed: Re: Center tapped transformer (forward converter)

    Do you have any load on the +12V output?
    With no load, overshoots and ringings can be rectified by the diode and increase the output voltage.
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    Closed: Re: N7j3a marking transistor

    It is a normal bipolar PNP transistor. BC847 will not work since it is NPN. Try BC857 or BC807.
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    Closed: Re: HP 54520A Blown Fuse Problem

    Measure the voltages over C22 and C23 before the problem happens. The center voltage should be stable and half of +V.
    If the leakage is too high, the center voltage can slowly drift away and cause...
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    Closed: Re: N7j3a marking transistor

    It isn't a MOSFET because the gate-source voltage would be 24V.
    It seems to be a bipolar PNP transistor, maybe a Darlington (depends on how much current the relay needs).
    2N2222 is NPN, so it will...
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    Closed: Re: Error in Parity bits of Hamming Code

    It is hard to understand what you want.
    A Hamming Code makes no difference between data bits and parity bits regarding error correction. It will correct any single bit error and detect any double...
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    Closed: Re: HP 54520A Blown Fuse Problem

    The output voltages and the crowbar circuit should be checked first.
    There are 8 different voltages involved in the crowbar triggering. 7 of them can be adjusted.
    The +15.5V output can't be...
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    Closed: Re: overvoltage protection

    My understanding is that the OP wants an additional protection close to the MCU.

    1) Normally 5V in and 5V out for the low dropout regulator. If the 5V from the external power supply has an...
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    Closed: Re: N7j3a marking transistor

    The "N" looks different, so maybe the marking begins with "7J".
    Only "7J" is a FMMT38C, a 60V NPN darlington transistor, but I find nothing where also "3A" is included in the marking.
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    Closed: Re: overvoltage protection

    The ferrite bead will do nothing. The others will not protect 5V digital circuits from a power supply overvoltage. They don't have a sharp enough "knee". The voltage will be well above 5V before they...
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    Closed: Re: What might be wrong with this old piano?

    Do both "pianos" have the same polarity for the power connector?
    How old are your kids?
    Both instruments are toys, and can not be used for serious piano learning.
    If any of the kids is interested...
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    [SOLVED]Closed: Re: testbench display for CRC code

    There are several things that can go wrong with a CRC implementation.
    The initial value is not as simple as it sounds.
    The direct serial implementation from the mathematical equations is normally...
  23. Closed: Re: A Powerful 30A DC Motor Driver using Power Mosfets [PWM Controlled, Half Bridge]

    I see nothing wrong with the design, but there is some missing information.

    The duty cycle can not go to 100% because the output must repeatedly go low to keep the bootstrap capacitor C3 charged....
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    Closed: Re: uln2003 base resistor

    10k is a good value.

    How to calculate the approximate value that gives 5V at the ULN2803 input:
    Input current at 5V = (5V - 1.4V) / 2700 Ohms = 1.3 mA (ignoring the 100 uA in the internal...
  25. Closed: Re: MOSFET linear and saturation region operation

    I have designed power outputs with MOSFET's where the short circuit protection was implemented using the Ids/Vgs diagram in the datasheet.
    By not switching on the MOSFET to reach the minimum Rds, it...
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