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  1. Closed: Re: Upgrading 12v peltier based refrigerator

    Inverters are pretty cheap, one that will run the
    refrigerator should cost well less than the
    refrigerator. And useful for other things as well
    if your 12V power source supports.
  2. Closed: Re: Upgrading 12v peltier based refrigerator

    You can get higher delta-T with a series Peltier stack
    but you need geometrically increasing size (like a 4X
    supporting a 1X) to get equal delta-T per stage. And
    you need a -lot- of cooling,...
  3. Closed: Re: Opinions about plagiarized paper on an academic website
  4. Closed: Re: Can equalization be used to counter package/die parasitic

    From my limited reading I make it that the EQ on
    modern transmission line interfaces is meant to
    idealize the far-end match, to maximally open
    up the eye. Particularly as the physical plant ...
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    Closed: Re: LNA at low temperature

    CMOS works pretty well at 77K. By 40K you will be
    needing to do process modifications (PMOS carrier
    freeze-out, needs excessive P+ source doping). A
    cryo-specific process might make other changes...
  6. Closed: Re: Opinions about plagiarized paper on an academic website

    There is a large scandal simmering right now, about
    Russian academics multi-publishing, "self-plagiarizing"
    and flat out plagiarizing. Especially rampant in Russian
    publications, but likely...
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    Closed: Re: Gold vs Aluminum for bonding balls

    I have never seen aluminum ball bonding, only "wedge".
    Probably due to aluminum ductility (lesser) preventing
    the "coining" that a gold ball will see.

    Inductance is probably not the issue...
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    Closed: Re: Bulk fixing (gluing) CMOS

    I think you're looking for things like "body tie",
    "substrate tap", "well tap" and possibly die attach
    and backside grind (if you intend to contact the
    handle that way).
  9. Closed: Re: Verilog-A error in PMOS devices while using spectre with virtuoso

    What are the targets on lines 237, 238, 242 of
    the named ahdlcmicompile?
  10. Closed: Re: CADENCE is disabling functions alone

    Yeah, this is how Cadence write-locks files.
    The lock file is laid down when you open a
    cellview, removed only if checked in (auto-
    or explicit). A "disorderly" shutdown / crash
    will fail to...
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    Closed: Re: Oscilloscope Opinion

    I like my TDS3054 (higher BW).

    I have read elsewhere that you can change a 3014
    into a 3054 by updating the firmware, that the guts
    are the same aside from the code.
  12. Closed: Re: Why do we need a power splitted transistor ? (Analog layout)

    Some advanced nodes have very poor via qualities,
    and it might be possible for a pair of transistors (or
    a Vdd finger) to pass more current than some
    interconnect feature(s) can stand reliably. ...
  13. Closed: Re: 100uA analogue meter conversion to 1A?

    Depending on your plan, your accuracy needs and other
    externalities, maybe one of the Hall sensors (like LEM)
    and a scaling resistor could be a way to go. These want
    power in addition to the...
  14. Closed: Re: Foldback current protection for sink circuit

    "Foldback" implies that the current limit will be further
    reduced if the output is driven higher against the limited
    current. This is more of a "power limit". You may not
    want to get into the...
  15. Closed: Re: A "separated double pole switch with a single throw" ( two separate switched cct

    I have seen multiple switches mechanically ganged
    but they all seemed to be "customized" by the
    integrator of the assembly.

    You might consider a small relay instead, that is
    powered off the...
  16. Closed: Re: CADENCE is disabling functions alone

    Two things to check are:

    1) read-only / write-lock or access conflict, some
    features "disappear" when not writable

    2) license downgrade, for example if idle for a
    while maybe your "XL"...
  17. Closed: Re: How to build sample and hold circuit?

    Pulse generator
    Waveform generator (or voltage source if
    you don't care about transient performance)
    Oscilloscope (for crude measurement)
    Special test jig to get high accuracy Vio, Iib,
  18. Closed: Re: Trade-off between LDO max Iout AND PSRR

    A low impedance buffer stage capable of standing
    off the Miller-coupled supply "noise" out to higher

    Your PMOS gate drive is VIN-referred. The drain is
    the VOUT, and dVIN appears...
  19. Closed: Re: Trade-off between LDO max Iout AND PSRR

    You cannot operate at Iout(max) and have good
    dynamics, if Iout(max) is what you can get with
    the gate cranked fully "on". This would then require
    the control loop to be fully wound up, adding...
  20. Closed: Re: Alternative of this Mini DC Submersible Pump

    There are "metering pumps" which are specifically
    made to deliver a fixed quantity per actuation. A
    properly sized piston (perhaps with a rolling diaphragm,
    not the short-stroke diaphragm and...
  21. Closed: Re: How to build sample and hold circuit?

    Many things matter, which are not usual for an
    op amp. Settling time, droop rate, sampling
    pedestal. But the amplifier attributes still are
    on the table. AVOL (gain error), VIO, CMRR,
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    Closed: Re: Layout of big transistors

    If you're going "big" for high current then the layout will
    likely be driven by current flow and reliability. Short and
    fat to give maximum interconnect current carrying
    capacity and minimum...
  23. Closed: Re: Alternative of this Mini DC Submersible Pump

    Do you need the whole pump to be submersible? There
    are magnetic-drive seal-less pumps which confine the
    fluid to the impeller housing but the motor remains dry.

    Such pumps (some of them) can be...
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    [PIC]Closed: Re: speed control of dc motor 2220v

    I think you can do this easier if you go to SCR
    voltage / speed control. Then your only control
    interest is the position of the firing pulse, which
    can be put through a pulse xfmr for isolation.
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    Closed: Re: Lm358 output gain instability

    LM158 (the whole family, incl LM324 and 2904 as well?)
    has a reall lousy output stage with the low-going leg
    very current-limited and unable to swing much below a
    volt (output stage is NPN...
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