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  1. Closed: Re: In-ear speaker transducers for hearing aids...

    Found that modern in-ear transducers work more like a bellows, sound exiting the 'blow/****' port.
  2. Closed: In-ear speaker transducers for hearing aids...

    How are they made ?
    Do you know links/pictures of how they look and are built ? This is about the transducer only, not the electronic circuitry in them. Curious about its miniaturization and...
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    Closed: Re: Trouble with my analyzer ?

    Thank you, vfone.
    Yes, in monitoring mode the audio units go to V; but in the 'modulation mode' at left still show KHz for vertical scale. The picture linked shows dBm units but in 'spectrum...
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    Closed: Trouble with my analyzer ?

    Hello. My Motorola R2600B communications analyzer is showing KHz at modulation levels (right lower)
    for Mod sum;
    for Fixed 1KHz,
    and for Synth.
    and at the modulation display vertical scale...
  5. Closed: Is there a programmable receiver in the market ?

    Is there something like a software defined receiver dongle that can be plugged to a USB data port; the frequency of interest entered on a terminal or application and after unplugged from the USB...
  6. Closed: Re: Which transistor need to be chosen for designing KU-Band LNA Design high gain, lo

    Abundant ready for salvaging inside discarded LNBs from satellite receiver parabolas. Come complete with all the supporting circuitry and board if you want.

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    Closed: Tuning Selectivity Factor

    Which tuning coil yields a better selectivity Q factor by itself on a resonant LC circuit, one made with a thin or a thick conductor ?

    What about the capacitor; which type/attributes...
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    Closed: Frequency divider ICs for RF

    A divider integrated circuit for RF (say ÷10) works outputting a 'stretched' single sinewave of 10 cycles duration period; or will output one equally 'short' as-input-cycle every 10 inputted ?...
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    Closed: Re: Replaced NiMh battery in small solar light

    There is a good chance the initially-charged higher capability new cell was able to power the led for more days without being recharged by the assembly.
    So check the charging circuitry is...
  10. Closed: Re: Speakers make a loud noise when turning off. Is there a way I can eliminate it?

    With no electronics knowledge nor soldering skills, you will end replacing the 'turn-off-noise' with smoke. Abstain to guess.

    Ask them to fix it / reveal any recalls / update design /...
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    Closed: Re: Led project. Led on at nightime.

    The motion activated types are gentler with battery life instead of the fixed dark-on night lights.
    One of maaany on the market ---->...
  12. Closed: Re: Speakers make a loud noise when turning off. Is there a way I can eliminate it?

    It is not the speakers, cause is in the amplifier that feeds it/them.
    Happens on both ? Is it a recent behavior or were like that since new ?
    Ask the manufacturer customer service.
  13. Closed: Re: The simplest definition of VOLTAGE you can come up with

    The force electrical charges are pushed in order to circulate.
  14. Closed: Misconceptions and flaws noticed by the more educated...

    Along the years and the presence of educated professionals in this board; what is found as common electronics misconceptions that may need to be addressed as originated by voids in proper...
  15. Closed: Cellular telephone emissions locking-up electronic circuitry ?

    Do the emissions of cell phones latch-up some integrated circuits, alter their operation ?

    When are emissions stronger; during ringing, placing a call, talking, reporting to tower ?
  16. Closed: Re: Turn on/off hall light with presence detection

    If you can consider the human body as a moving IR emitter; these are widely available :

  17. Closed: Circuit to detect presence of a single RF frequency ?

    -Detection here not meaning to demodulate-
    Detection as to know if 10.7MHz ± 100KHz is present on an existing receiver circuit node, to turn a LED on. How should be done ? Any dedicated IC...
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    Closed: Patents in the European union...

    Probably not at the proper forum, but found no appropriate other. Similar subject seen spread to different forums. Please move if deserved, and pardon the intrusion.

    Perhaps someone knows about...
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    Closed: Re: Single chip receiver...

    Thanks very much, FvM.
    Then, software defined receivers being volatile puts them out of my consideration.

    To plan B; using the standard or a dedicated 'normal' receiver sheltered in the control...
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    Closed: Re: Single chip receiver...

    Thank you.
    Ordinary receivers may not behave stable at -20C to +50C operating 24/365 as needed and am after reliability.
    Been looking at software defined radios; which cannot tell if would be...
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    Closed: Single chip receiver...

    What integrated circuit would you suggest to build an aircraft band (front end) receiver ?
    Ideally, programmable via USB for single fixed frequency. 108 - 140MHz
    -No demodulation or audio...
  22. Closed: Re: Can you explain how this power supply works and failed ?

    Thank you for the explanation, Brian
    Still not fixed. Everything tests good but no +220V :bang:
    Windings continuity, secondary voltages, jumpers checked, resoldered everything in the circuit...
  23. Closed: Can you explain how this power supply works and failed ?

    Hello all. Your headache is back.

    A power supply outputs its +120V fine. Its +220V output line yields +110V.
    That is, C1101 has reversed -10V across it.
    Both D1101 an C1101 replaced twice;...
  24. Closed: Re: Video signal at brightness control of a CRT...

    Thanks, gentlemen.
    I was able to find a little information. The internal CRT video signal is digital, generated from a proprietary ASIC output pins 'shade1' and 'shade2', fed to two ACT244 buffer...
  25. Closed: Video signal at brightness control of a CRT...

    Hi all.
    A test instrument has a monochrome CRT display, selects with cursors, its operation modes and displays data.

    There is a control for brightness, and probably some internal trimmer for...
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