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  1. Closed: [moved] OFDM Index modulation (code gives wrong result)

    can someone tell me what is wrong with my code, the result is incorrect
    place this code first on a different file first for...
  2. Closed: MimO OFDM Index modulation ( can someone provide me with matlab code for index )

    Here is matlab code for mimo -odfm ( can someone help me to change this code to have index modulation or provide me with a code for Mimo-ofdm-Index modulation)

    clear all
    close all
    nbits =...
  3. Closed: MiMo-OFDM ( I got this code from tis website but the result is wrong) why?

    can someone tells me why the result shows a straight line not a curve
    this is copy of the code that i got online

    %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%
    % Author :...
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