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    Closed: Capacitor a nonlinear device???

    When capacitor becomes non linear ie it breaks Q=CV
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    Closed: Multivibrator using inverter

    Give monostable astable and bistable multivibrator circuit diagram using CMOS INVERTER
  3. Closed: Re: why common emitter configuration is most widely used as an amplifier

    both voltage and power gain
  4. Closed: understaning of fm demodulation??

    i find difficult in understaning foster seeley aswell ratio detector..pls throw some light so taht i can understand it
  5. Closed: maximum current

    it may depend on ur IC specifications and also impedance values of ur ckt
  6. Closed: FM Demodulation steps

    understanding phase discrimator or foster seely circuit working make you to develop the steps
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    Closed: the out voltage of circuit

    just a half negative cycle.... it works as a clipper
  8. Closed: what is valley current?

    this term is used in UJT relaxation oscillator characteristics
  9. Closed: maximum current

    place ammeter in series to find current or else if know its resistance than place a voltmeter in parallel then apply ohm's law to find current
  10. Closed: Why most of the antenna has an input impedance of 50 ohm

    i really proud of my friend

    Added after 1 minutes:

    your answer hit the nail ..simply awesome
  11. Closed: SCR

    same topic is proceeding there also so use it
  12. Closed: Is it possible to improve sensitivity of commercial RX?

    high directive antenna for Tx
  13. Closed: Re: SCR

    controlled rectifier where as others are uncontrolled is made up of SI because of its superior quality over other said for AC to DC conversion
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    Closed: Re: Toggle action in Flip flop.

    my question is >How does it change to alternate states. ?

    When both inputs are 1 ,the output of nor gates is forced to 0,then how come they toggle ?[/quote][/quote]

    every thing because of its...
  15. Closed: semiconductor physics study note

    try ART OF ELECTRONICS BY paul horowitz and winfield hill IS very useful book to all of is very concise and useful.
  16. Closed: tilt?

    it is applicable only in square wave ,,,,it is also called as SAG can be also expressed in indicates the amount of deviation from standard reference square wave..a relative...
  17. Closed: how do i measure 2 seperate audio signals on one line?

    use two separate filter whose cutoff frequencies are as mentioed by you.these can help you to separate the two frequencies..from that point you can measure each audio signals
  18. Closed: counter

    withits truth table we can move
  19. Closed: what is sdram for

    edycepedia is treasure trove
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    Closed: Re: PMT Bandwidth

    PMT stands for ??????????
  21. Closed: How to give trigger in monostable multivibrator ?

    square pulse input differentiator can be used to give trigger pulse to m.s muitivibrator
  22. Closed: 50 ohm to 75 ohm balun

    balun trensfomer or quater wave tranformer transmission line can be used for impedance matching
  23. Closed: analogue and digital bandwidth

    bandwidth is applicable only for analog
    whereas baud rate and bit rate is applicable for digital.for instance,think about a gated a number of persons can pass through the gate without...
  24. Closed: Capacitative Coupling and shielding

    it can be tamed by proper grounding
  25. Closed: Re: electricity bill in standby or running mode

    how you measured simply by connecting ammeter in series or it is a info printed in brochure
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